Necromunday: Guild Alliances

Ahoy-hoy, Scummers! Last week we embarked upon a Grand Under-Funk Odyssey to finally figure out what makes each of the Alliances tick. Today, we’re sitting down with our beloved Book of Peril and going through all of the different...

How to Base Everything: Beach Bases

Basing is a critical part of the painting process. Armies on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium or the Mortal Realms will find themselves fighting across a wide variety of terrain, from lush jungles to barren rockscapes, industrial wastelands...
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Contemptor Kevin’s Road to the West 4: Bon Tempes, Beignets, and Bad Listbuilding PART 2

"Contemptor" Kevin Stillman's write-up of his experiences at the Games Workshop US Open tournament continues this week as he...
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