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Current Participants

Ok so a bit of interest in this so time to think up the basics of the challenge (and I my case to actually pick a faction). So far I have:

  • @Richyp – Ordo Xenos Inquisition Force (Radical)
  • @Corrode – possibly GSC/Tyranid
  • @Booley – Fists or Titan Legion
  • @Soggy – GSC
  • @TheChirurgeon – Word Bearers
  • @Coda – Night Lords
  • @Brin – AdMech/Knights
  • @Lupercalcalcal – Ynnari
  • @Bonds0097 – Adeptus Custodes
  • @Pvt_Snafu – Tempestus Scions
  • @Lord_Hambrose – Eldar
  • @Condit – Space Wolves & Dark Angels
  • @FromTheShire – Void Walkers (Blood Angels Successor Chapter)
  • @Immanetized – Custodian Guard (Custodes + Auxiliaries)

+ Anyone else is welcome, either message me on Discord/Forums or comment on this post.

Start Date

Does everyone want to start Oct 1st. to give them time to finish/procastinate over existing stuff and make first purchase(s)? Later/Earlier?

Monthly Target

What’s everyone’s preference in terms of monthly target? Originally I was thinking a FOC choice (Troop/HQ etc..) but that wont suit lists that are heavy x/y focused. So what about a pts/power range for each month?

First Month

Should we make our warlord/avatar for the first month, or drop straight into a playable unit?

12 Responses

  1. Lupercalcalcal says:

    I’m definitely in for this. I need to pick a faction

  2. Soggy says:

    October sounds like a plan, means I have to focus on finishing up other stuff before starting a new project.

    I’ve never done an Oath Thread/etc like this before so not sure how much or what to commit to each month but will follow the group.

  3. Rich P says:

    Don’t think of it as an oath thread, it’s just a way of seeing progress across a group, no pressure to paint but seeing others working on stuff at the same time can be encouraging.

  4. TheChirurgeon says:

    October works

  5. richyp says:

    Gave up on indecisiveness and put my trust int the dice gods. Thanks to @DiceParser I’m doing Inquisition, and from the following rolls, (1: Hereticus, 2: Malleus, 3: Xenos) I got Xenos on a 3 roll on D3, and Radical from D2 (1 was puritan, 2 was radical)

  6. bonds0097 says:

    I’m in for this starting in October. Gonna rock Custodes.

  7. pvt_snafu says:

    I’m in for October, starting with Tempestus Scions.

  8. Soggy says:

    Ah right, that suits me alot better then 😀

  9. Triphos says:

    I think I’ll get some Age of Sigmar action in here and work on expanding a Stormcast Eternals army.

  10. Lord_Hambrose says:

    Sign me up for Eldar. I love elves and also hate my opponents having a chance against me.

  11. immanentized says:

    Signing up for Custodian guard, I hate originality

  12. Soggy says:

    It’s overrated

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