Tale of Goon Gamers – The Plan

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Lot’s of interest in this it seems (I was thinking it was going to be me speed painting 3 dudes and then hibernating but I guess I can’t now).

So what’s the plan?

Beginning in October anyone who’s signed up for the “challenge”, I say challenge it’s not really, it’s a thing, but challenge sounds cooler, will be starting on their new found pride and joy of a space army to play space games with and as the challenge is about War we’ll be starting with our Warlords (and any accompanying sycophants, helpers, banner bearers etc..

In order to make peoples lives easier and to facilitate hams’ ADD and inability to get the newest shinies that GW seems to be throwing out on a weekly basis the plan is to always have the next 4 months worth of tasks available so you can do as much or as little you like from month to month. Here’s my thinking:

Anyone just painting along for fun, ignore everything below and just post anyway.

September: Month 0 – Welcome

Write a blog post on here with the category Wargoons about your amazing ideas, @TheChirurgeon did an amazing one that I’ll not be able to top, use that as an example and fail to live up to it’s splendour. Mention what you’re doing, aiming for and any Fanfic/literary works of art you like.

October: Month 1 – Core [HQ + 1 of Troop]

Warlord/Waaghlord/Exalted One – This dude(tte) will be your armies leader and recruiter for the remainder of the year(s), therefore it’s imperative that they and any who would assist them be recruited to the cause first. This could be a Farseer, Space Marine Captain, or in my case an Inquisitor, if they have any sidekicks, they can also be done at this phase along with any other HQ units you see fit, so for me the retinue will be done with the main duder.

He’ll need some folks to boss about so he’ll need either a troop/fast attack/elite/heavy squad to lord it up over too.

November: Month 2 – Patrol Filler [1 x Troop & 1 x Not Troop or HQ]

Now you have a boss and a unit for him to slap about, bulk them out with 1 more unit of Troops and some slightly better minions from anything that’s not a HQ or Troop selection.

December: Month 3 – More Supervisors [HQ + Anything Goes]

All those extra units is too much work for one guy to lord over, give him some help with another boss and some more grunts to boss about at the same time.

January: Month 4 – Battalion Time [Troop + Anything Goes]

At this point if you’re not hibernating *whistles* you’re spitting distance from a Battalion, add another Troop and anything else you like to complete the dream. Gratz you’re now in the big leagues (or given up to paint the next big release ™ )


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  1. TheChirurgeon says:

    I like this setup, and am looking forward to doing some Word Bearers! Also important: Don’t feel like you have to wait to post content–work in progress images are more than welcome, especially if you have cool conversions to show off!

  2. Coda says:

    Setup seems on point!

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