Tale of Goony Gamers: Ascension Day

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Welp. So much for posting progress every month.

Back in my first post a few months ago, I was flirting with the idea of starting a new army by picking up the Kill Team boxset. Unfortunately I didn’t get my first 10 models painted quick enough to play Kill Team at my local club, which promptly died after 2-3 weeks, mostly due to an upcoming Tournament that was being held.

I kept my eye out and picked up the odd cheap auction of troops that people were offloading. I eventually picked up Tooth and Claw, which cemented the idea of picking up GSC as a second army. I was just waiting for a codex to get me properly motivated, which I was hoping for after Orktober.

That motivation eventually came around. TheChirurgeon was coming by London and so a Kill Team HamSlam was organised for November and gave me something to aim for. I really dug the Rebel Alliance orange jump suit paint job and the result was the below kill team.


The Cult begins

It was my first time playing non Primaris models in KT/40K, so I was curious how much I would notice the T3 and one wound on my troops. This was quickly overlooked by falling in love with using my industrial armoury to lase and saw open Deathwatch marines. It might have helped that my dice were on fire.

Just before this meetup though, I was waylaid by being introduced to Adeptus Titanicus and I fell for it hard. All of a sudden my hobby time and energy was being pulled in far too many directions. As a result the GSC went untouched for quite some time.


A month later I took part in the Secret Santa and was blown away by a kind goon’s generosity. As only *part* of what he sent over made up nearly a GSC army of it’s own accord. A project which he had started a year ago and had since lost interest in for another, a feeling I’m sure we are all familiar with.

If you’re reading this, Lupe I still cannot thank you enough for your kind and thoughtful gifts.

This combined with the odd troop I was picking up every few weeks,I already had a horde to assemble for ascension day. In the weeks leading up to the codex release in February, I got sick of painting trim on my titans and thought I would reward myself by painting 40 neophytes. The mind works in strange ways…

Go go drybrushing

When the spoilers for the cult started coming out I knew I was going to have to pick up absolutely everything. That said you can only afford so much when GW is so on form and releasing irresistible releases for both AT and the GSC. Thanks to sweet deals from our own Thundercloud I was able to pick up some new toys for AT and a bunch of the new GSC releases.

It was only when Battlescribe updated I was starting to get an idea on the model count I had got myself in for. I’m hoping to have my first game at 1250 in a weeks time to help me get a feel for the army so it can help prioritise what to paint first. I rather dislike playing with unpainted models, but with a horde this is something I will have to get over for the foreseeable future.

My local club has a 1250pt tournament coming up in May, which will provide ample motivation to get ready for. 1250 points in a few months is pretty good going for me.


Speaking of motivation, a good number of goons from both sides of the Atlantic are planning on going to the NOVA open this year. I’ve never been to a Tabletop convention (Salute doesn’t count) or GT/tournament of this scale and well, I’m rather impressionable. Listening to the tales of the Nova Narrative on the 40K Badcast has really made me want to go.

The excuse I initially told myself is if my wife can have a girls trip to Vegas, I deserve a week of playing with plastic toys in the States.

Unfortunately, she agreed with this so I guess I’m going…


Going to the Narrative will be great motivation to have a GSC force ready for.

This was before I found out that the Narrative games culminate in a 3K Apoc game at the end.


I better get started.


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