Tale of Goony Gamers: Craftworld Mel-Thannor Sometimes You Can’t Make An Omelette Without Genociding A Few Planets

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I have wanted to do an Eldar army almost as soon as I got into 40k nearly 15 years ago.  The huge amount of metal (and later dreaded Finecast) models and ancient terrible Guardian plastics always kept me from going too far with it, but now I am finally going to bite the bullet and get it over with.  I am planning on doing my own custom Craftworld the leans heavily into Aspect Warriors, especially Fire Dragons and Swooping Hawks as they were always my favorites.

Craftworld Mel-Thannor will be very similar in temperament to Biel-Tan, xenophobic and willing to commit any deed to safeguard the future of the Eldar Empire from the alien races that now control most of the galaxy.  My plan is to expand my fluff with each new unit I do so each future update will be a look into Mel-Thannor culture and a short description of the units and characters that make up the force.  A rough plan is below.

Month One

I plan on getting a unit of Guardians and a Farseer out of the way, and establish what the baseline look of my Eldar will be.  I plan to mostly do the Aspect Warriors in a traditional color scheme, with little elements of the Craftworld colors but we will see how it goes.  These units seem like a solid core of an army and something that will be in every list I make.

Month Two

Starting on adding Aspect Warriors, I plan to add a unit of Dire Avengers (as I already have a 10 man box of theme ready to go from the short window where that was a thing) and also a Warlock, maybe on Jetbike.  If I have the time I may do a Wave Serpent for the Dire Avengers to ride around in, but it may get pushed back to a future week.  It seems like a fantastic vehicle, so I might as well get one.

Month Three

Starting on the actual fun content, this month is planned to be Fire Dragons and another unit of some kind.  I may do a unit of Rangers to give me another troop choice, but there is a good chance I may end up doing Howling Banshees or Dark Reapers depending.

Month Four

Not certain what I will be adding this far out, but I certainly need to get more aspect warriors in the army, so any that I have not done so far will slot into this month.  I may add a unit of Wraith guys as well, as they are in the new Battle Box thing with a plastic Spiritseer.  Maybe a Falcon or a Fire Prism?

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