Tale of Goony Gamers: The Return of the Void Walkers – Month 0 Concept

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In what I’m sure won’t become a trend, here’s my slightly late beginning point for the challenge. I’ve been in the hobby/ collecting for a couple years now, and have rapidly amassed waaaay too much unpainted plastic, and this is a perfect way to change that! This will be the first army I paint, so tips and constructive criticism are more than welcome, and I’m planning on pushing myself to learn as many techniques as I can.

This army was begun with the release of the Dark Imperium box, Primaris Marines hooked me instantly. I had been planning on making an Astral Claws force towards the end of 7th, but with the story moving forward I didn’t want to do the extremely small amount of mental gymnastics to justify them having Primari while still existing, and decided to create my own successor chapter for someone instead. In the months before I decided who, I picked a starting point for my color scheme – the brightest, poppiest blue I can manage. While realistically camouflaged and battle damaged models look cool, I’m drawn to colors that stand out on the battlefield more.

After a long time of not being able to decide who their parent chapter would be, an episode of Forge The Narrative grabbed my attention after the release of the Blood Angels Codex. Basically they were talking about not just how good the codex seemed to be, but also the general love of the Sons of Sanguinius for dreadnoughts, bikes, jump packs, and all things assaulty. I knew the basic story of the chapter before, but for whatever reason hadn’t really considered them much, but in that moment I realized I already loved all those things, so maybe I should try them out. Whenever I had played previously, regardless of army, I was always trying to get into assault, and now there was a way to actually make it into assault and actually make it good? I played a couple test games with their tactics, and in the second one my buddy gave me an old metal Astorath, who proceeded to wipe the floor with his Death Guard, and I was hooked. And so begins…..

The Return of the Void Walkers

Untold millennia ago, the Void Walkers were charged by the God Emperor himself with a holy crusade to the very edges of the galaxy and beyond, or so their legends go. They walk the spaces between the stars as His eyes and ears, a shield for mankind, a knife in the darkness for the myriad xenos races the Imperium at large has never known thanks to their vigilance. Though their fleet grew ever more battered and depleted, they stood unbroken; though much irreplaceable knowledge of their own beginnings was lost, they discovered countless new wonders and horrors alike; though no words of recall to the Imperium for rearmament or celebration of their bloody glories came, they fought with all the fierceness only a chapter of the Emperor’s Angels were capable of, even as their reports went unheard by astropathic relays dead for thousands of years, heard only by dark and laughing gods in the vast emptiness.

Several hundred years ago, while trying in vain to defend a newly discovered and newly compliant world from an innumerable host of swarming xenos, the diminished chapter was stricken with a new threat: madness en mass. What began with a single brother upon the world’s surface soon swept through the chapter like wildfire, with entire companies seeming to be imprisoned in their own minds, doomed to fight the specters of long dead battles. Recognizing the threat the gargantuan xenos fleet would pose to the empire were it to arrive without warning, and desperate to cure the brothers no apothecary could aid, the chapter master decided to end their long vigil and turn at long last towards Terra.

It was soon discovered that some sort of deleterious cloud surrounded the alien vessels navigator after navigator became insane and died while the Vod Walkers harried the fleet through space. Within a decade, every mortal psyker was dead, and within a further half a century the librarians who took their place were dead as well. Despair threatened to overcome them as the last member of their brotherhood able to guide their pursuit through the warp perished, when to their amazement, a silent figure clad all in gold appeared before them. It spoke no words, only taking the place of the fallen navigators and waiting expectantly.

By the time the figure returned them to realspace, only the chapter master was still cogent, commander only of madmen and servitors. Before him, the xenos fleet laid siege to a dusty red planet as vessels not unlike his own strove against them. Something on the planet seemed to call to him, beckoning him downwards to true battle for the first time in centuries. Before long, every drop pod and thunderhawk echoed with the hammering fists and thunderous cries of the mad as the Void Walkers disembarked from their battle barge for the final time. Scant minutes later, they stepped onto the surface of the world amidst a sea of the dead, xenos and space marine alike. A single black winged figure stood with outstretched hand beckoning them forward, his armor displaying bright red musculature, a great axe at his side. “Greetings, brothers” he rumbled “I have felt your coming for many years now. Come, the enemy awaits. You shall know peace at last.”

In the days following the arrival of the Indomitus Crusade above Baal, the deserted battle barge of the chapter was boarded, its records downloaded, and its grim story told. In honor of the chapter’s sacrifice and the return of their long forgotten brothers, their equipment was repaired, supplies were restocked, and a small complement of additional vessels were issued to the full chapter of new Primaris marines who would bear their banner and their colors. As they departed once more, deep within the bowels of the ship, in cells known only to a few high ranking officers, the howls began anew.


First Month’s Commitment

As you probably gathered if you read that giant wall of text, there’s going to be lots of Primaris fellows, with a hearty sprinkling of Death Company at some point. To start with, I will be doing a captain and a squad of Intercessors, most likely with another squad of Intercessors and one of Hellblasters next month. I have a ton of stuff to get painted so the specific unit may change from what I’m thinking before each month to what I actually need or want to do more once the month starts, but I am going to do my best to stick to the plan. While I have a general idea on the scheme I’m going for, there may well be some shifting and stripping and repainting in the first month or two until I have a process I’m happy with.


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