Tale of x hams, yay or nay?

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So how about some sort of monthly/bi-monthly challenge of painting up a unit with the goal of having a completed force of some description by a date to be decided.

Maybe something like 1 year from now the painted armies could face off against other painted armies from the contest with lots of drinking and goonery? e.g. WHW for UK goons etc..

Add a comment below with suggestions, time frames or to tell me I’m dumb (for thinking of this anyway).

Ninja Edit: If you’re interested mention which faction(s).


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  1. Corrode says:

    Yes, good idea. A little slow-grow project would be fun. I might even use it to do a GSC/Tyranid army…

  2. Brin says:

    I’d be up for doing it with Admech and/or Knight stuff… as long as people promise not to laugh at my painting.

  3. BenBooley says:

    I’m up for either continuing to grow my fists or my titan legion

  4. Soggy says:

    I’m probably going to start GSC so might as well while I’m at it…..

  5. TheChirurgeon says:

    I’m in. Could be a good way to document/build my Word Bearers.

  6. Coda says:

    I would be keen. Dunno if I would be able to make the game due to living in Aus.

  7. pvt_snafu says:

    I’d be down for this, not like I needed another excuse to start Tempestus Scions/Guard

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