The 40k Hamateur Hour Presents: Road to Nova Week 12

Hey Hams, I’m Dan, better known as FromTheShire online, and welcome back for the twelfth installment of the 40k Hamateur Hour. This week I’m continuing along through the process of getting my first painted army together for Nova 2019, let’s see what I managed to get done since last week.


Mild terror intensifies

Whooooo boy, we are really in the home stretch now, and I am questioning some life choices I have made. At this point it’s not even just Warhammer related, I’m wondering if I had gone to that other school, would I be a mega millionaire who could have had this all painted for him? If I could go back in time, would it be smarter to slap the first box of models out of my own hands, or just make sure I was never born? Any of the options that lead to me not doing almost 30 goddamn hours of incredibly slow painting this week would be good really. Turns out smart people don’t try to paint like this, who knew except for everybody that told me?

Enough complaining, let’s take a look at what I managed to actually get done. At long last, the Loyal 34 I added at the last minute are actually almost entirely tabletop ready. Harker and Straken need to be based and I still need to do Marbo and the priest, but everything else is playable. I’m pretty pumped about this since while they are a tiny fraction of the total points I need to paint, they’re about half the list by model count AND the other half is all power armored, aka way easier and quicker to paint than guardsman #247’s armpit. I now feel every horde Guard player’s pain, and I haven’t painted even close to an army’s worth of these tiny, fiddly, detail loaded, ludicrously few point models. What kind of masochist does 2k points of this?! (It’s me, I’ve fallen in love with my ridiculously detailed muscle bois who die in handfuls, and will certainly be expanding the force post Nova, help meeeeeee……… dies of Guard-related hand cramping)

The Full Rambo

Don’t make them angry

I tried blending/glazing on some hair, it didn’t go great

Progress has resumed on the Marines now as well, once the third Intercessor squad is color blocked, the whole lot will be getting oil washed like their Hellblasting brothers.

Waiting for their battle brothers

With a wet leopard growl, they’re underway

Unrealistic goals segment

I at least want to get the third Intercessor squad ready to wash, but I’m going goals light this week. I’m going to be on vacation next week, which means I’m losing at least Saturday this week to traveling, and probably a decent chunk of Friday to packing a bunch of this stuff up to work on while I’m away, however I’m hoping to get a good bit done in the evenings after working my ass off all day at my parents (I’m good at son-ing and bad at vacations). Oh before I forget, updated Kanban shot with a small tweak. It’s very subtle, so you may not be able to spot it, but look hard.

You can do it, I believe in you

Fuck me, why am I like this?