The 40k Munitorum Points Manual Changes Hot Take

While no one was paying attention today GW quietly dropped an update to their Munitorum Points Manual, fixing a number of issues and errors in the previous version. They’ve very (un)helpfully decided to not color code any of these changes, so we’ve tried to go through and identify differences between this and the previous doc. Though if we missed something, feel free to point it out to us in the comments below.

Most of these appear to be corrections rather than balance adjustments but there were some notable exceptions where points changed significantly.

Adepta Sororitas

  • Multi-Meltas were removed as an option for Dominion squads

Adeptus Custodes

  • Vexilus Praetors went up to 105 points base (from 85), and the Vexilla Magnifica was added as an option costing +10 points
  • Vexilus Praetors in Allarus Armor went up to 115 points base (from 95), with the Vexilla Magnifica added as an option costing +10 points

Astra Militarum

  • The 50-point twin heavy bolters and twin heavy flamers were removed from the Lords of War and replaced with a 50 point Lascannon option. Twin heavy bolters and twin heavy flamers are now included in the vehicle costs.

Adeptus Mechanicus

  • The Knight Errant lost the Rapid Fire Battle Cannon option and can now take a Thunderstrike gauntlet for +5 points.


  • Inquisitors gained a bunch of options, but lost needle pistols. Likewise, Acoyltes lost needle pistols and gained access to flamers, meltaguns, and plasma guns.
  • Acolytes now cost 10ppm base

Chaos Space Marines

  • Chaos Terminators no longer list Reaper Chaincannons – now Reaper Autocannons are listed at 5 points
  • Chaos Vindicator Laser Destroyers were added – they cost 175 points base


  • Reavers are now 20 points per model, correcting what has to have been an incredibly dumb error.

Nobz on Warbikes and Warbikers

  • Killsaws are now 10 points per saw and kombi-weapons are no longer listed as options for both units.

T’au Empire

  • Coldstar Battlesuits now no longer list Cyclic Ion Blasters as options.
  • The missile pod is no longer listed as a 15 point upgrade on a support turret for Breacher Teams or Strike Teams
  • Riptides no longer have a listed cost for shield generators
  • The drone costs have been changed a bit; they’re now listed as a “+X” value with a designer’s note that when one accompanies a non-named character, that unit’s cost increases by the listed amount per drone. Named character costs already include their drones.


That covers it! If you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at