The FAQ Hot Take: Adepta Sororitas/Sisters of Battle

Games Workshop dropped another 40k FAQ today, this time giving us an FAQ for the recently released Codex: Adepta Sororitas. As always, we’re here with a write-up on the contents of the FAQ and analysis on what it means for your games.

Let’s just jump right into what changed and then I’ll get to the editorial part.

The Damage Reduction abilities for Celestine, the Geminae, and Paragon Warsuits now reduces damage to a minimum of 1.

This is something everyone expected, because it was insane that these lines of text were missing from the codex when it came out. Now these units are a bit more reasonable.

The points cost on Paragon warsuits was changed to 240 points per unit from 240 points per model.

Another obvious typo was corrected. Though for a while it was fun to tell players that if they weren’t going to use a damage floor of 1 on paragon warsuits then they’d have to pay 240 points per model for them.

That’s it.

Wait, that’s it? Nothing else? There were no other questions to address here? Nobody asked you anything you could clear up in a document named “frequently asked questions?” Nothing about the number of shots you get with the Defenders of Faith Stratagem? Nothing about spending Reinforcement points to return Celestine to the battlefield (which may seem obvious, but every time a model with this effect releases we get the question sent to us repeatedly, so why not finally FAQ it)? Nothing about Amorium Cherubs and how and when they can be used?

Nope, that’s it. Instead of addressing actual questions we’re instead given a few lines correcting incredibly obvious errors in the book’s text that had a massive effect on the faction’s playability. I understand that mistakes and errors happen – we make them all the time in Goonhammer articles, it’s unavoidable. But making us wait a month for a series of typo fixes that should have been a day 0 patch for the book is inexcusable. If you’re not going to go through the trouble of actually addressing player questions in your FAQ, at least fix your glaring mistakes in a timely matter. Making us wait for an “FAQ” like this is insulting.

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