The Final 2023 UTC Regular Season Standings

The first season of the Unified Tournament Circuit is closing out and it’s time to look at the final standings as we prep for the finale. The top 32 ranked players for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar will receive invitations to the finals, each of which is a five-round GT to determine the circuit’s winners (also, there are some pretty sweet cash prizes in the mix). Players will be competing for $10,000 in total cash prizes in addition to other prizes supplied by Fabricator’s Forge.

We’d like to congratulate these players for the effort they put in this year and for attending all those events – it was awesome to see players get excited about the events and we were bowled over at the number of stores and players who participated. In total we had 1,663 40k players and 606 Age of Sigmar players participate in UTC-scored events, and everyone who made the top 32 for either game played in at least five events.

The 40k Top 32

Jeremy Atkinson of Team Stat Check is our regular-season winner for the UTC, coming into the finals ranked first in the circuit and looking to flex some Canadian muscle. He’s joined in the top 32 by teammates Zach Comeau and Rickard Morin. Stat Check leads the team field with three players in the top 32, though Team Battle Brothers is close behind with two players in the top 32 and a third coming at 33rd.

Congratulations to everyone on this list – we’ll be reaching out over the next week to extend a formal invite and confirm your attendance.

The Age of Sigmar Top 32

The Age of Sigmar season ends with Anthony Trentanelli taking top honors, heading up an impressive season from team Tough Crowd, who put five players in the top 32 and had another four in the top 40. Our top team for AoS this year however was Team Big Chungus, who put an impressive seven players into the top 32.

Congratulations to everyone on this list – we’ll be reaching out over the next week to extend a formal invite and confirm your attendance.

If you didn’t make the top 32, don’t lose hope – if we have players in the top 32 for either event who are unable to attend, we’ll be inviting the next-highest rank players to replace them prior to the event. For the Warhammer 40k finals, if we have any no-shows on the day-of we’ll fill empty spots with the highest-ranked players participating in the Open GT.

The Event Links – Tickets ON SALE NOW!

With that out of the way, all that’s left is to talk about the events themselves. The finals will take place on January 13th and 14th at Tables and Towers in Westminster, MD. In addition to the two invitational GTs, there will also be two additional GTs – an Open GT for Warhammer 40k and an open GT for Kill Team. You can find the links for those events below – tickets are on sale now!

Each of these events is currently being submitted to be a qualifier for the 2024 World Championships of Warhammer.

The UTC 2024 Kill Team Open GT – This 32-player event kicks off our Kill Team support for the 2024 season and will have cash prizes.

The UTC 2024 40k Open GT – This 36-player event will feature cash prizes. Top-ranked players may be drawn from this event to replace players unable to make the invitational.


Event Sponsors

While we’re here we’d like to thank Tables and Towers and Fabricator’s Forge for working to make all of this possible. In addition to hosting the space, they’ll be providing prize support for the event.

Have any questions or feedback? Drop us a note in the comments below or email us at