The Goonhammer Open UK – Important Updates

A couple of months ago we announced the first UK edition of The Goonhammer Open – a 64 player Warhammer 40k tournament in Nottingham. We have some important updates regarding the event – we’re publishing these here and also on the Eventbrite page for the event so they go out to all ticket-holders.

Firstly and most importantly, the event location is changing. We will no longer be at the NTU Clifton Campus. The new event location is:

Nottingham Girls’ School Sports Hall
9 Arboretum Street

If you’re already signed up for the Nottingham Open event being run by LGT in January, yes, this is the same venue.

To briefly explain this change – when we announced the tournament we had full assurance from our original venue that they could accommodate 64 players. With the enormous success in ticket sales (sold out within seconds of going live, with nearly a hundred people waitlisted) we inquired about expanding the event to 128 players, using either additional space in the same building or moving the entire event to a new building on the same campus. After a lengthy period of slow responses with changing information, we were informed that the new building could only hold 64 players at twice the price, or we could book the additional space in the original building and only accommodate 60 – fewer than we had been promised in our original location, which would now apparently only manage 30. As this was obviously unsatisfactory we have chosen to move the event entirely to a new venue; we apologise in advance if this causes disruption with hotel bookings and we really did try to avoid this outcome, but we hope you will agree it was not realistic to continue in the original location.

The good news is that the new venue is much more centrally located in Nottingham, and also does allow us to expand the event up to 128 players! If you were on the waitlist already you will shortly be receiving an invitation to sign up for the tournament; this will be done in the order in which people were waitlisted, so for now the first 64 players on the list will be able to purchase their tickets.

We also have some additional sponsorship from Koyo, who produce a range of licensed Warhammer 40,000 merchandise. Every attendee will receive a Warhammer 40,000 Mystery Pin, and we will also have Artefact Pins and a Space Marine Chapter Pin Set to include as prizes. You can see the full list of event sponsors on the event page linked above.

With the new location confirmed we will also be shortly creating and sharing the event rulespack with you all, so you can get practicing – for best results we would suggest using a set of the Vanguard Tactics Terrain from 4Ground Publishing, which will be used on every table (note that all tables will be provided with difficult ground, regardless of the set being used).

Once again, thank you to everyone who has supported the event so far, welcome to the new players who will hopefully be signing up soon, and we look forward to seeing you in October!