The Goonhammer Open UK is almost here!

It’s nearly time! The GHO UK is happening at the end of this month, and we’re excited to see everyone and find out which Tyranids player is going to climb above the corpses of the rest of the swarm and emerge victorious. Not only that, but we also have the Adeptus Titanicus narrative event taking place too, with plenty of engine kills expected.

As always, you can find the details on our event page here. Importantly for the 40k tournament, we have now uploaded the event FAQ – you should check this out, particularly if you have any questions about your list before submitting it this weekend. In particular please note that the new Imperial Knights and Chaos Knights codexes will be legal for this event – they’re released on the 14th, which is out rules cut-off, so they’ll be in. If you were planning on bringing Knights of either flavour, make sure you have your updated rules – and if you’re not a Knight player and you’re wondering what you might go up against, check out our reviews here for the Imperial and Chaos flavours respectively. We will also have refreshed terrain maps on the event page very shortly – they will be very similar to last year, with the addition of some line of sight blocking crates to break the tables up a bit.

If you’re keen to play and haven’t gotten around to it yet, there are still some tickets left for May – and don’t forget there’s another UK event in October, too!

As always, if you have any queries please e-mail as at – otherwise we look forward to seeing you there!