The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

Regiments, Chapters & Kabals – oh my! Perhaps one of the best things about this hobby is seeing how individuals manage to add their own personal touch to their armies. One of the mechanisms that allow us to do this is the sub-factions available to each of the main factions. Space Marines have thousands of chapters to choose from, Imperial Guard can be as different as the worlds they hail from and the Ork clans have different Kultures that mandate how they paint their armor (as much as they do paint it) and how they fight (which really is just various forms of delivering a krumpin).

Below is a crossword that contains the different sub-faction choices that are available in several Warhammer 40,000 codexes.


6. Mechanized infantry that hail from an embattled hive world. (2 words)
7. Biggest, shootiest gunz of the lost (2 words)
9. Leaders of a ten thousand year old crusade (2 words)
10. The largest Kabal that can't get enough. (2 words)
11. Famed regiment for not breaking before the planet beneath them did. (1 word)
13. First among the houses. (1 word)
15. Sneaky Blue Gitz (2 words)
18. The most tenacious Forge World that refuses to give up. (1 word)
19. A Forge World that specializes in warfare against Orks. (1 word)
20. A Blood Angels successor chapter infamous for their ferocity & the carnage they leave behind. (2 words)
1. A house known for maximum gallantry. (1 word)
2. Bigger, meaner and 'arder than everyone else. (1 word)
3. A Kabal reviled for their expertise in toxins (2 words)
4. A warband dedicated to the worship of Nurgle that becomes deadlier as they are wounded. (2 words)
5. A sept famed for their hot-blooded warriors (1 word)
7. A sept famed for their prototype weapons. (1 word)
8. Some of the toughest jungle fighters in the galaxy. (1 word)
12. A renegade Space Marine Chapter that turned away from the Imperium after a failed secession. (2 words)
14. A house known to respond to any calls for aid. (2 words)
16. An Ultramarines successor noted for their quartered scheme that gets more complex with experience. (2 words)
17. A Forge World that has hollowed out the planet in it's production of material. (1 word)

Answers for May 31st Crossword:

Across: 3. NightmareShroud 6. KhornateTarget 8. UncreatorGauntlet 10. CurtainsFall 11. ParagonGauntlet 13. Drakeblade 14. LionsRoar 15. Sanctuary 16. KillaKlaw 17. Croucling

Down: 1. ThermoneutronicProjector 2.CursedCrozius 4.TomeofMalcador 5. FugarisHelm 7. Novalance 9. ObsidianAquila 12. AngelsWing