The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

Tanks! Now that I have your attention, welcome back to another week of The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword. The theme this week is Tanks! The armored fists of Adeptus Astartes assaults, the incredibly fast outflanking transports of the Eldar, the mobile sword-delivery systems of the Commissariat. They come in many shapes and sizes in the 41st millennium, but all of them are fearsome additions to any army. Below is an assortment of some of the vehicles that are strewn across tables as players vie for control of the battlefield. Good luck!


2. Missile platform with a solitary payload of demise (1 word)
4. Massive patchwork transport that’s dead killy (1 word)
5. Intended for use in underground mining, is also used as a military vehicle (2 words)
6. The most common variant of the Super-Heavy Tank in the Astra Militarum (2 words)
7. Armored troop carrier named for a mythological monstrosity (1 word)
9. Anti-grav transport with detachable remote-controlled fire support (1 word)
12. Vicious looking anti-grav transport capable of carrying small squads to the slaughter (1 word)
13. Twin-linked transport of the Adeptus Astartes (1 word)
15. You might think you couldn’t put an organ on top of a tank, but you’d be wrong (1 word)
16. Incredibly fast & mobile anti-grav weapons platform crewed by 2 pilots (1 word)
17. Heavy tank tasked with transporting Space Marines (2 words)
18. Anti-Grav tank of the Adeptus Astartes with a tremendous amount of firepower (1 word)
19. Dangerously fast speedster with flame troops attached (or barely hanging on) (2 words)
20. Siege tank of the Adeptus Astartes (1 word)
1. The only tank named after a primarch (2 words)
3. Anti-Grav Skitarii support tank (2 words)
8. Implacable anti-grav behemoth that can repair itself (1 word)
10. Mainline battle tank of the T’au Empire (2 words)
11. Elegant anti-grav transport named for a bird of prey (1 word)
14. Artillery platform named after a legendary serpent king (1 word)

Answers for June 14th Crossword:

Across: 2. KurnousBow 3. FistofTerra 4. SupernovaLauncher 5.Phosphoenix 6. DeadShinyShoota 8. PrismaticStaff 11.LaurelsofCommand 13. LitaniesofFaith 15. HammerofBaal 16. ParasitesKiss 17. FrostFury 18. KrakenBoneSword 19.ForbiddenGem

Down: 1. TyrantsBanner 2. KurovsAquila 5. Puscleaver 7. VexatorMask 9.CyberEagleHelm 10. Beneficence 12. Voidreaper 14. TeethofMars