The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

While the battlefields of the 41st Millennium are filled with spectacles that would melt the brain of any of us – titanic machines capable of leveling entire city blocks at a time or massive daemons that seem to break all laws of physics and defy reality – the lowly infantry still play a vital role. This week for The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword we’ll be dropping some hints for Troop choices that scatter the factions. Secure your objective: find the answers!


3. Dedicated warriors of the War God (2 words)
4. Smaller than their newer brethren but offer more flexibility on the battlefield (2 words)
7. The cruelest members of castes that form the backbone of the Kabals (2 words)
10. Long range hunters who have replaced their lower legs with robotic parts (2 words)
11. Dedicated infantry of the Craftworld Ulthwe (2 words)
14. Heavy infantry of soulless automatons (2 words)
15. Infiltrated Imperial units that have started to show the slightest hints of their corruption (2 words)
16. Laborers that have had their genes altered into something frightening (2 words)
17. Generally the size of an individual determines the rank in these units, rather than experience. (2 words)
18. Disgusting, bloated warriors that are infected with horrendous diseases that they’re all too happy to spread (2 words)
19. These alien warriors can eat the flesh of their foes in a ritual act (3 words)
1. Heavily armored lobotomized servitors. (2 words)
2. Brood of Scout-shock troopers that herald the advance of the Great Devourer (2 words)
5. Veterans of the Long War that worship the gods of Chaos (3 words)
6. Ten thousand years in the making, these troops are the latest bulwark in the Imperium (2 words)
8. The general defense force of the Craftworlds (2 words)
9. Armed with weaponry that is more effective the closer it is to the target, these hot-blooded warriors are tasked with clearing out dug in troops (4 words)
12. Watchmen that write their own personal oaths (2 words)
13. Abhorrent creations born of torture and sadistic surgery (1 word)


Answers for June 21st Crossword:

Across: 2. Deathstrike 4. Battlewagon 5. GoliaghRockgrinder 6. Baneblade 7. Chimera 9. Devilfish 12. Venom 13. Razorback 15. Exorcist 16. Vyper 17. LandRaider 18. Repulsor 19. BoomdakkaSnazzwagon 20. Vindicator

Down: 1. LemanRuss 3. SkorpiusDisintegrator 8. Monolith 10. HammerheadGunship 11. Falcon 14. Manticore