The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

The universe is a large and diverse place, filled with all manner of creatures and alien groups that war with one another and among themselves constantly. Younger upstarts that have burst onto the scene and threatened The Imperium, old and ancient evils awake from millennia long slumber to eradicate life in the galaxy and threats from beyond the galaxy consume all living things that are within their path. This weeks theme focuses on the Xenos factions in Warhammer 40,000. Put on your best Ordo Xenos inquisitorial rosette and get hunting!

3. A masked solitary figure that moves in ways that defies logic (1 word)
6. Warriors that jump in and out of reality before showering enemies in monofilament wire (2 words)
7. Repugnant mutants that have had their genetic code corrupted (1 word)
8. Winged terrors that psychically control the advance of the mindless insects around them (2 words)
11. A colossal machine brimming with armaments, this mobile artillery platform includes stabilizing thrusters to counter recoil (1 word)
15. Motorbike riding scouts that look for new regions to infect for their cult (2 words)
17. with a passenger that weave death in between enemy lines (2 words)
18. Towering monster with incredibly dense chitin and crushing claws (1 word)
19. Cyclopean snipers (1 word)
20. An entirely unimpressive unit whose only quality is quantity (1 word)
21. Warriors clad in heavy armor built by Meks (1 word)
22. Elite warriors dedicated to the art of war, often acting as personal bodyguards to Archons (1 word)
23. Close combat troops that strap rokkits to their backs to reach the enemy faster, if at all (1 word)
1. Armed with heavy-bladed warscythes, this unit provides protection for the nobility (1 word)
2. The ultimate tactician for the cults that can gain insight by consuming organisms (1 word)
4. Spider-like heavy weapon support platform (2 words)
5. Close combat warriors equipped with masks to strike fear into enemies (2 words)
6. Martial experts that make a spectacle of violence and death in their arenas (1 word)
9. Piloted by expert warriors, these suits are deployed in times of great strife (2 words)
10. These futuristic warriors utilize active camouflage to deploy ahead of main battle forces (2 words)
12. Lightning fast warriors on anti-grav jetbikes (1 word)
13. This monstrous creature has evolved to lob plasma from a cannon grown from its flesh (1 word)
14. Infantry transport capable of repairing troops on the fly (2 words)
16. Winged warriors that descend from the sky to strike quickly then take back to the sky (2 words)

Answers for June 28 Crossword:

Across: 3. DireAvengers 4.TacticalSquad 7.KabaliteWarriors 10.SkitariiRangers 11.BlackGuardians 14. NecronImmortals 15. BroodBrothers 16. NeophyteHybrids 17.OrkBoyz 18.PlagueMarines 19. KrootCarnivoreSquad
Down: 1.KataphronBreachers 2.GenestealerBrood 5.ChaosSpaceMarines 6.PrimarisIntercessors 8.GuardianSquad 9.FireWarriorsBreacherTeam 12.CustodianWardens 13. Wracks