The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

Psychic powers are an interesting part of Warhammer 40,000, allowing players to pick units that can cast powerful abilities that can change the tide of battle in the blink of an eye – ones that can render foes helpless, crush the enemies will through mental onslaughts or hammer them with psychic blasts. Below are some of the psychic powers that can be found in Codexes for each of the factions. Unless, of course, that codex is either T’au or Necrons. In any case, put your Psychic Phase knowledge to the test and see if you can answer the clues below!

6. This Rune of Fate can help ranged fighters hit their targets (1 word)
7. This psychic ability helps the lads get stuck in across vast distances (2 words)
9. Tzeentch’s favor can be powerful but is also fickle (3 words)
12. Arcs of electricity that jump from unit to unit when cast by a Rune Priest (2 words)
14. This psychic ability instills fear and dread into the hearts of those it touches, enlightening them with the great hunger that comes to consume them all (2 words)
15. Being able to call upon weather in order to shield units on the battlefield (2 words)
16. This psychic ability allows the caster to take over someone’s body completely, even allowing them to open fire on their own comrades (2 words)
18. A negative psychic area that renders the most powerful armor – both physical and mental – useless (2 words)
19. Muddling the minds of their enemies is a way for Troupes to survive longer (3 words)
20. Eyes glow as the victims of this psychic power fall into a trance-like state (2 words)
1. Invigorated with a righteous fury, this psychic ability makes these daemon hunters even deadlier in close combat (2 words)
2. This psychic ability targets every nerve and pain receptor in the targets body, rendering them helpless (1 word)
3. Those who worship Tzeentch are often granted powerful abilities, as evident by this strong version of Smite (1 word)
4. This psychic power helps troupes of elegant warriors slip across the battlefield undamaged (3 words)
5. A focused psychic power that cuts through units like a lazerbeam (4 words)
8. Warriors of Titan can engage in a battle of wills with enemy units to cleanse their spirits (2 words)
10. The Aeldari are master psykers and often wage wars unseen on the battlefield, this psychic power is a type of unseen and silent battle between two wills (2 words)
11. This Rune of Fate helps deliver killing blows (1 word)
13. A beam of blood that pierces through multiple units (2 words)
17. Adeptus Astartes can become even more fearsome when bolstered with this psychic ability (3 words)

Answers for July 5th Crossword:

Across: 3. Solitaire 6. WarpSpiders 7. Abberants 8. HiveTyrant 11.Stormsurge 15.AtalanJackals 17.StarweaversJetbikes 18.Carnifex 19.Deathmarks 20.Gretchin 21.Meganobz 22.Incubi 23.Stormboyz

Down: 1.Lychguard 2.Nexos 4.TriarchStalker 5.HowlingBanshees 6.Wyches 9.CrisisBattlesuit 10.StealthBattlesuits 12.Reavers 13.Exocrine 14.GhostArk 16.SwoopingHawks