The Goonhammer Times Sunday Crossword

Death from above! The battlefields of the 41st millennium offer a multitude of ways in which lowly ground based forces can die, but perhaps the most unfortunate and unseen is that of aerial combat. Many of the factions sport at least one aerial support vehicle (or creature, if your’e a Tyranid). Below is a selection of units that fill the Flyer role in army lists. Please utilize your closest Enemy Aircraft Recognition guide and report targets to the AA batteries!


1. A ramshackle plane piloted by Flyboys designed as a dive bomber (2 words)
3. Attack aircraft & transport authorized for use by only the Ordo Xenos Adeptus Astartes (2 words)
4. Heavy bomber armed with multiple missiles and bombs designed to maximize pain (2 words)
6. Interceptor craft of the Adeptus Astartes, it looks like a miniature version of the bigger one (2 words)
7. Heavily armored attack craft and dropship of the Adeptus Astartes (2 words)
11. This sleek plane prioritizes bombing targets to soften them up for assault from the Sept Warriors (3 words)
12. Biological aerial combatant (2 words)
14. The second plane utilized only by The First, this attack craft is armed with Blacksword Missiles (2 words)
15. Aspect warriors dedicated to aerial combat (2 words)
16. Wicked looking jet capable of being armed with several forms of missiles (2 words)
17. This ramshackle plane is armed with all sorts of bizarre weapons, much to the delight of its pilots who often compete to see what kill gets the biggest laugh (2 words)
18. A sort of biological aerial aircraft carrier, this creature is accompanied by Tentaclids (2 words)
19. This heavily armored attack craft is armed with a Frost Cannon (2 words)
20. This heavily armed crescent shaped fighter is capable of both atmospheric and void combat (2 word)
21. A ramshackle plane capable of air to air combat and close ground support (2 words)
2. Jet fighter used by The First. Comes equipped with a Rift Cannon.
5. Usually crewed by a Warlock (2 words)
8. The main aerial transport of the Astra Militarium and Tempestus Scions (1 word)
9. A ramshackle plane that drops promethium onto unfortunate targets (2 words)
10. Daemon forged aerial fighter that looks like a robotic pterodactyl (1 word)
13. Fighter support for the Septs (3 words)


Answers for July 12 Crossword:

Across: 6. Guide 7. DaJump 9.BoonofMutation 12.LivingLightning 14.TheHorror 15.Stormcaller 16.MindControl 18. NullZone 19.FogofDreams 20.MassHypnosis

Down: 1.Hammerhand 2.Paroxysm 3.Doombolt 4. VeilofTears FuryoftheAncients 8.PurgeSoul 10.MindWar 11.Doom 13.BloodLance 17.MightofHeroes