The Goonhammer Warm Take: The 40k Chaos Daemons FAQ

Last Friday Games Workshop released an FAQ to little fanfare, and this particular FAQ was more notable for the fact that it didn’t add any new rules or errata to the game. Instead, GW released an updated FAQ for Chaos Daemons in Warhammer 40k. This updated FAQ removes two key sections – those related to Be’lakor that were based on the old model’s datasheet. Most notably:

  • Be’lakor lost Daemonic Ritual
  • Be’lakor isn’t limited to the Inspiring Leader Warlord Trait
  • The line preventing a Detachment containing Be’lakor from getting a Daemonic Loci is also gone, so now you get your Loci benefits.

These were all pretty clear before; we’ve made that case here repeatedly that these older FAQ items don’t apply to the new Datasheet. But some people steadfastly refused to just be cool about things, and so thankfully Games Workshop have released an additional FAQ update to make it clear that none of this old crap still applied.

So if you’re a Be’lakor fan, or have been wistfully imagining putting him in a mono-Slaanesh Detachment to get him the ability to Advance and Charge, it’s now time to start taking advantage of that in earnest. I’m skeptical that was really what was holding daemons back, but it’ll be interesting to see how things shake out from here.

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