The King of Age of Sigmar: An Interview with KC Open Winner Gavin Grigar

Last week the GW Open in Kansas City closed out their string of open competitive events for 2022. And rounding out the final Age of Sigmar GT were Gavin Grigar and EL Miller, the event’s first place and best overall winners, respectively. In today’s interview we’re talking with Gavin about his list, his incredible run at events in 2022, and what’s next for the AOS GOAT.

Congratulations! You’ve had a hell of a run in competitive Age of Sigmar, kicking off a year with a win at LVO and claiming the 2021 ITC crown. How’s it feel to be working on a repeat, and do you plan to slow down if you achieve it or go for Jordan-level dominance?

Thanks for having me back! The year has honestly been a blur. Playing games and hanging out with the best people makes it easy to keep going. Aos Worlds is the next big goal and after that who knows, but as long as it’s fun I’ll keep coming back.

Gavin’s KC Open List

Allegiance: Daughters of Khaine
– Temple: Zainthar Kai
– Mortal Realm: Ghur
– Grand Strategy: Bloodthirsty Zealots
– Triumphs: Inspired

The Shadow Queen (340)*
Morathi-Khaine (340)*
Bloodwrack Medusa (130)*
– General
– Command Trait: Zealous Orator
– Artefact: Crown of Woe
– Universal Spell Lore: Flaming Weapon

15 x Blood Stalkers (540)*
– Reinforced x 2
10 x Blood Sisters (280)*
– Reinforced x 1
10 x Witch Aelves (115)*
– Sacrificial Knives and Blade Bucklers

5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (95)*
5 x Khinerai Heartrenders (95)*

Endless Spells & Invocations
Chronomantic Cogs (40)

Core Battalions
*Battle Regiment

Total: 1975 / 2000
Reinforced Units: 3 / 4
Allies: 0 / 400
Wounds: 94
Drops: 1

So let’s get the obvious out of the way. For our readers, what’s the deal with your list? what’s the general game plan?

What I think makes the list work well is its ability to adapt to any situation due to its great mix of melee and ranged damage tools and ability score both tactics and primary objectives with ease. This mostly done by commanding board presence with proper positioning from the Shadow Queen and bow snake package.

When building a list, what is your general approach? Where do you start when figuring out what should go into a list?

I’m always looking for new concepts that are usually based around a few interesting mechanics that mesh well together. I’m lucky enough to have a bunch of really brilliant friends to bounce ideas off of and take inspiration from as well.

Similarly, you tend to jump between a few different armies. Is there anything that makes you pick a particular army when preparing for an event or is it just vibes?

I usually trend towards toolbox style armies because I really enjoy adaptive decision making. As for pre event, all the way up until the submission date it’s a constant struggle.

Credit: Gavin Grigar

Which matchups at KC gave you the most trouble? Did any make you really sweat?

Mirrors are always challenging and I had two on the second day. In particular, my game against Tom Guan was very close and came down to a few priority rolls that could’ve really changed the game had they went the opposite way.

The GW Open Finale in New Mexico is in three weeks – a double-elimination invitational tournament which you also attended last year. Anything you can share about your plans for that event? How are you planning to approach it?

It’s just another weekend where I get to hang out with my friends, lol. I think everyone that is going is competitively driven enough to be invested in winning. Should be a great weekend.

In addition to now going to New Mexico, you’re on Team America for AOS Worlds for the second time next year. How was that experience, and what are you planning to change/use from it next year?

I unfortunately had to drop from the process last year for some personal reasons, but I’m very excited to compete this year, as is the rest of our team.

How do you feel about the state of Age of Sigmar right now. Any future books or releases you might be anticipating?

Best it has ever been. Ogors look fun and it’s always fun to paint things that look like me. There are also those pesky Gitz on the horizon…

Thank you again for your time!

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