The Las Vegas Nopen: The Action Continues

Ten incredible games are already in the books at the Las Vegas Nopen, and five remain. We’ve had some upsets, with Drukhari and Grey Knights both managing to blast through their first two games and make it to the semi-finals, and some truly-biting scorelines, and things should only get fiercer from here on out.

The third day of action will be kicking off in an hour’s time with a recap show starting at 2PM GMT/9AM EST/7AM PST, then today’s first set of games will kick off an hour after that (3PM GMT), so make sure to tune in at to catch all the fun. In addition, thanks to the incredible generosity of the community the charity fundraiser is already past $5K in donations, so if you’ve been enjoying any of the coverage and can spare a few dollars or pounds, go to the fundraising page to make a donation, and help the impact of this weekend last beyond just being a great showcase for the game!

Up first today, and playing out the second set of quarter finals, we have Vanguard Tactics and Hellstorm Wargaming.

In the Vanguard Tactics studio, Stephen’s hyper-aggressive Sororitas list is going to be met in kind by Brian Pullen’s Blood Angels. This promises to be a melee slug-fest for the ages, and we’ll see which of these melee powerhouses triumphs when the dust settles.

The Sororitas are represented on Hellstorm’s channel as well, as in yesterday’s match Tank’s auramite-clad Custodes were able to break Mikey’s assault on their shields, allowing his Repentia and Retributors to clean up. For their second challenge they’ll be facing down a very different kind of force in the sinister silver tide of Richard Siegler’s Necrons. Will the Novokh horde triumph, or will the Silent King’s command be severed by well-timed melta shots? Tune in to find out.

Once those are out of the way, the winning lists will join the Drukhari and Grey Knights in the semi-finals. Glasshammer Gaming will be taking the reins of the Grey Knights against the winner of the Imperim/Necron game, while Tabletop Titans will return to lead the Drukhari against whichever of the two melee powerhouses triumph’s in the VT game. Will Brian’s Blood Angels return to him from their trip across the open, or will he be shifting gears to comand the Sororitas?

Once those semi-finals have played out, it’s on to the grand final, with Nick Nanavati and John Lennon taking command of the two lists still standing on the Art of War stream. It’ll be a clash of the titans both between the players and whichever lists have made it that far, and promises to be a spectacular game – so make sure to tune in at 11PM GMT/6PM EST/4PM PST to catch the action.

The link again to catch all of this is, and the fundraiser is here. We hope you have time to check it out!