The meandering road towards NoVA – Week 2

Not a whole ton to report this last week, I haven’t gotten to play any practice games yet (I haven’t even built all the models for it yet…), nor have I had any conceptual rethinks of the list. One minor tweak is coming that I’m going to replace the terminator vexilla with a normal custodian vexilla. Not sure what I’ll do with those points left over, but I realized the terminator couldn’t take an axe/spear, which is just intolerable.

I did manage to get the intercessors and slam captain painted up over the last week. With them complete I can move on to the Custodes, starting with trajann and the tanks. Since I’m not sure how much I’ll be able to get done before the tournament on the 22nd (only 11 days away!), I want to concentrate on the core of the army. I can always sub other Blood Angel units in to replace the other models if I run out of time.