The Rift War FAQ: The Goonhammer Hot Take

If you thought GW was done after Monday’s FAQs well, they had one more to push through, apparently. Today’s FAQ covers the Rift War campaign supplement and includes a single change:

Page 84 – Coteries of the Haemonculi, Benefits Change the first bullet point to:
• All <HAEMONCULUS COVENS> units from your army gain the COTERIES OF THE HAEMONCULI keyword.

This removes the COTERIES keyword from units like Incubi, who previously got several interesting benefits from being included in a Coteries army, specifically the ability to benefit from Stratagems that affect COTERIES units like Visions of Butchery (which turns off Objective Secured after a charge) and Mercies of the Haemonculus, which gives a unit a 4+ Feel No Pain save after killing an enemy unit in melee, which could also be used on Drazhar to turn him into even more of a pain to kill.

This also closes a particularly insane loophole around Traveling Players joining the army in some events and gaining the abilities, though it’s pretty clear that was never an intended interaction.

For Coteries armies that run Incubi and Drazhar, this is a bit of a blow but not a devastating one – the CP changes in Nephilim likely already made spending the extra CP on these abilities a bit more painful with the amount of CP the army already spends on pregame upgrades, and for the Coteries armies that weren’t running Incubi, nothing has changed. Overall Drukhari appear to be in a decent place in Nephilim; so far their results are promising and they appear to have at least two workable builds that can secure TiWP results, so it’ll be interesting to see if that holds moving forward.

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