ToGG a very late month 0: Of Knights and Men

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Some 100 years ago after an encounter with a warp storm, a damaged ship of the Green Dragon Astartes chapter was forced to land for repairs on a small seemingly uncharted planet.

The ship set down in a large clearing on the planets large single landmass, where they began to establish a foothold. They quickly came to realise that this world they had landed on was in fact a lost imperial world, the whole area was littered with the scavenged remnants of an imperial outpost who’s records had been missing for millennia.

After a few days the perimeter had been sufficiently built up and defended such that they were able to begin exploring into the wooded areas around the clearing, searching for any other signs of where they were and if the planet was still inhabited. It didn’t take long before the scouts met with a local Human tribe who’s speech was close enough to Imperial Gothic to be intelligible and they began to enquire about the planet, it’s people and the things they knew and believed.

The locals luckily had faith in “The High Father and his Sons” a belief that still appeared to be acceptably within the limits of Imperial Dogma and so a dialogue was able to begin.

The chief of this tribe told them of the “High kings” who ruled their world from heaven and were said to have be appointed by “The Father” himself, believing this to be an important line of investigation they wanted to know more and were pointed towards an immense plateau far off on the horizon.

As soon as their ship was repaired they made a journey to investigate the plateau to seek contact with these “kings”. Atop the plateau they found a surprisingly advanced city, complete with a suitable docking area in acceptable condition.

The inhabitants scattered at the sight of the ship landing and at that of the marines who began to march through the city towards the intriguing large cathedral like building that stood at the city’s centre.

When finally they reached the gigantic building, they found it filled with young men and women who seemed far less surprised by the imposing size of the Marines, it quickly came to light that these were descendants of the knightly house who once defended this planet, who took them to meet the patriarch of their House, Lord Sirius.

Sirius was amazed to meet them, These great men who must surely be the High Kings own sons, he gave them a tour of his private libraries and records, which had many tomes of history and data back almost to the time of the heresy. He began to guide them down through corridors as he introduced them to his husband, to their son, to the chief of the guards and the scribes who kept their great records and then out through a large iron door. As they left the building he sprinted off ahead, excitedly unchaining and unbolting a small gate leading down a narrow carved out tunnel through a sheer rockface, he was guiding them to show them the great Guardians that they had protected for so long, awaiting the day that they would be reunited with the High Father and his Sons.

The Green Dragons promised them a true reunion with the Imperium and wasted no time in alerting the Adeptus Mechanicus of the find, that they might ready their Knights to march once more.

100 years have passed since that day and now they march to war to prove themselves and their House to all of mankind.


The House of Nikudia,

Descendants of House Hawkshroud,

Guardians of Silvara

The head of House Nikudia Sirius piloting the Father of the Faithful

A Knight Crusader with the Armour of the Sainted Ion, an Avenger Gatling Cannon blessed by the Sacristans, Thermal Canon and Heavy Stubber.

His husband Polarius piloting Patriarch of the Pious

A Knight Gallant with Sanctuary and the Ion Bulwark, Reaper Chainsword, Thunderstrike Gauntlet and Ionstorm Missile Pod.

Their Son Altair piloting End of Innocence

An Armiger Warglaive with Reaper Chain-cleaver, Thermal spear and Meltagun


The Adeptus Mechanicus

Magos Alphion 4-6 and Baetus 20-9

A pair of Tech Priest Dominus tasked with ensuring the knights are returned to full effectiveness and monitoring their first conflicts to ensure that they are ready for the war that awaits them.

Each of the priests is joined by his personal escorts, a squad of 5 Skitarii Rangers who’s job is simply to ensure that he is able to achieve his task.


The Guard of House Nikudia

“Upgraded” to better serve these loyal retainers of House Nikudia are now unflinching Vanguards, completely and utterly loyal to their Mechanicus masters, this has somewhat angered Sirius and Polarius.



The Plan:

Month 1: Alphion 4-6 and his rangers

Month 2: Baetus 20-9 and his rangers

Month 3: Altair and the Guard.

Month 4: Sirius and Polarius


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