Tournament Resources for NOVA 2019

This is it, the final push toward NOVA 2019. If you’ve been following along with our Road to NOVA series, you know that a lot of us Goonhammer folks are going to be at the event this year. And if, like us, you are still trying to do last-minute adjustments and figure out how you can tweak your list and set yourself up for success.

Well, we can’t help you with your list. I mean, we could, but we have our own stuff going on, plus like another 4 space marine codex reviews to write. What we can do however, is share the resources we’ve created to help us remember key rules, track wounds, and reference things quickly. So in case you missed them the first time around, here are three important resources you can use to up your game at NOVA (and also any other non-NOVA events you’re attending).


One_Wing’s NOVA Tournament Primer

If you’re playing the the 40k GT, our resident tournament guru One_Wing wrote a primer on the NOVA format that includes a detailed analysis on primary and secondary objectives, and how to select the ones that best fit your army strategy.

Check out his primer here.


Buttscribe: Good Datasheets for Your Bad Army

ButtScribe is a tool developed by Greg “” Chiasson that turns Battlescribe roster files into printable custom datasheets. It won’t replace needing to print multiple copies of your list, but it is a better way to reference the rules for your army’s units without having to go back through a codex every time. To use it all you have to do is visit the url provided, upload your roster file, and it’ll spit out a printable PDF with the datasheets you need.

If you want more detailed instructions, you can find them here in ANAmal’s original post.

Yeah, I arranged a bunch of screenshots and then screenshotted them again, because I’m terrible at PhotoShop. Also yes, I use the Windows XP default background. It’s relaxing.


TheChirurgeon’s Turn Sequence Reminder Sheet

I whipped up a handy turn sequence reference sheet to keep track of things like when Deep Strikers come in, when to activate litanies, and when other abilities start or end. I even made it look all pretty, just for you. Download it with the link below, then print it out and write in your own notes.

You can find the printable pdf here


Chucat’s Unit Reference Sheets

Chucat has created a series of handy reference sheets for tracking the wounds and damage brackets for the most popular units you’ll come up against. Just save the sheet either locally or to your own Google Drive, copy the instructions, and print as needed. If there are units you want added, feel free to mention them in the comments below or email us at

You can find the google sheet here


Good luck!