Tweets of War: Coda Vs Ceri In A Twitter Based 40k Game, Live On Twitch

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With the advent of Covid-19 and social distancing getting a game of 40k in has become rather more difficult of late.

However, with the cunning use of twitter and the internet, Ceri of the Hobby Room has challenged the supreme Coda of Goonhammer, to a battle with a twist. Instead of directly commanding our armies, we will have 1 tweet per unit, per turn. Also The person moving the models has no idea what the objectives each player has to achieve in the game or which player owns which army.

Ceri, noted for her pro-hammer stance, will take on me, who is very anti hammer. position Credit – The Hobby Room

The game will take place 10am UK time on the 5/04/2020, (that’s 7pm AEST and 5:00 am EDT) and you can watch it live on The Hobby Room twitch channel, also you can follow the two twitter accounts Ceri and I will be using, Lord Percival Frank the XVI and High King Claudios Maximum Arseious 

There will be themed costumes. 

This can only go well.


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