Unboxing Kill Team Gallowfall

It’s the last ride for the Gallowdark, and it is ready to go out with a bang! The fourth and final and final installment of this close quarters-focused season is Gallowfall. Many thanks to Games Workshop for providing an early promotional copy for us to peruse and paint.

Today’s Kill Team coverage:

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  • Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Savagers Kill Team Review
  • Fellgor Ravagers Kill Team Review

Kill Team: Gallowfall

Wild Chaos Beastmen take on well-armed space dwarves as the mangled wreck of a space hulk destabilizes. As this isn’t a starter box, you will need to bring your own rulebook and play aids to the table.


The final boxed set of the Gallowdark season contains:

  • Gallowfall Rulebook
  • Killzone Gallowdark terrain
  • Gallowfall terrain upgrade sprues
  • Fellgor Ravagers Kill Team
  • Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Salvagers Kill Team
  • A double-sided game board



Credit: Games Workshop

Gallowfall contains the same core doors and walls from the previous boxes this season. In case you have been living under a rock, fair warning that the tolerances on the clips and tabs are way too tight. If you want the walls to be modular – and most importantly, easy to remove when painted – there will need to be some serious sanding (or Dremel-ing) in your future. Additionally, we highly recommend taping off and not painting the side and top tabs of the walls. The end result is very cool – easily configurable walls, working doors, and an enabler for the best way to play 40k*… but properly prepping the terrain takes a couple more hours than it should. We still feel like the end result is worth the elbow grease, just giving a heads up.

Previous sets have had an interesting mix of terrain upgrade sprues. Into the Dark had some thematic set dressing that clipped into the walls, as well as close-quarters themed scatter. Shadowvaults brought us the bolter and bomb trailers, along with weapons lockers and lights. Soulshackle upped the ante – having breachable walls and a pile of consoles (including the extremely meta holo-table). Gallowfall‘s upgrade offering is tailor made for the scatter afficionado. You can furnish an escape pod bay as well as a grimdark doctor’s office.

  • 8x Escape Pods (can be built separately from the bases if you wish)
  • 2x Stasis Pods
  • 2x Surgical Chairs
  • 2x Iron Lungs
  • 2x Medical Supply Tables
  • 2x Autopsy Tables

As an avid Necromunda player who really likes to make my tables feel lived-in, this is a slam dunk. It’s a nice set of scatter that would make any rogue doc shop shine. The Gallowfall book contains some missions and mechanics that make use of the thematic scatter in some interesting ways. Considering where the Gallowdark is headed, escape pods sound like a great idea. The prerequisite Gallowdark game board is also included. Still a great board for Kill Team and beyond. 


Trans-Hyperion Alliance Hearthkyn Warriors – Leagues of Votann. Credit: Colin Ward

The Hearthkyn Salvagers Kill Team follows the typical pattern for the “old” team in the box – an existing kit with a new upgrade sprue. In this case, the relatively new Leagues of Votann Hearthkyn Warriors crew gets some sweet new options – a jetpack, heavy weapon, knuckle dusters, and… a dude carrying a bunch of stuff. If you don’t have Votann yet and want to paint a kit, or if you are looking for Necromunda Ironhead Squat conversion fodder – this might be the place to dive in.

Credit: Games Workshop

We are covering the Fellgor Ravagers in another article, but I will reiterate that the kit is cool as hell.

The gang’s all here! Credit: Fowler


So how do we feel about Gallowfall? Dear reader – I am incredibly biased when it comes to Traitor Guard / Lost and the Damned, so of course I think it is rad. The new Chaos Beastmen are phenomenal sculpts that are just oozing attitude. Team Votann is neat, and there are some stellar and characterful options in the upgrade sprue. While not quite as cool as breachable walls, the assortment of scatter includes some unique offerings. As usual, this is another Kill Team box with a bit of something for everyone.

Tight fits aside, we’ve enjoyed our time in Killzone Gallowdark. While we are sad to see it go, we’re excited to see what is up next! Have any questions or suggestions for us? Got any guesses for what might be on the horizon? Drop us a line at Contact@Goonhammer.com.