Unboxing Kill Team: Nachmund

The war in Chalnath isn’t over (probably, anyway – that’s how things tend to go in the 41st millennium) but Kill Team is moving on to the Nachmund sector, leaving behind the T’au Empire and the Adepta Sororitas in favour of two new teams – the Chaos Space Marine Legionaries and the Aeldari Voidscarred Corsairs. It’s a big, big box; thanks to GW for sending us a copy, now let’s see what’s inside!

Credit: Warhammer Community

As has become the pattern for these boxes, there’s two Kill Teams in the box, plus Codex: Nachmund detailing the new rules for playing them. We’ll have more detailed rules coverage later today, but it works pretty much as you’d expect, with new dataslates, Spec Ops, Battle Honours and the like for playing your chosen team.

Model-wise, things are similar to the previous box – the Chaos Space Marines are mostly the same as the regular kit that already exists, with a small half-sprue of new upgrades to add some new options. It’s a cool selection of parts, with a mix of “fun bits that add character” and things that represent new options including the Balefire Acolyte, a psyker, and the Shrivetalon, a Knife Guy. There’s also a reaper chaincannon, previously only found in the Havocs box, and a Large Chainaxe. Everyone loves a Large Chainaxe.

World Eaters Killteam. Credit: Jack Hunter

The Voidscarred, meanwhile, are an entirely new kit. We already got a good look at the 40k versions of these from their datasheet in the new Codex: Aeldari, though there’s some differences in terms of what you do with the in Kill Team compared to 40k – in the big game the Way Seeker, Shade Runner, and Soul Reaver have their own statlines and unique little things they do (plus the Felarch as a kind of obligatory sergeant), but everyone else gets squished into weapon options. In Kill Team you of course get a Gunner, but also a Starstorm Duellist (another Knife Guy, they’re popular in this box), a Kurnite Hunter (guy with bird), a Heavy Gunner, and the awesomely-named Fate Dealer. One slight oddity here is that you can build all the specialists if you want, but you can’t actually take them all in a Kill Team – you can either have a Gunner or a Heavy Gunner, but not both in the same team, which is a weird choice. The team is restricted to 9 models and you get 10 in the box so I guess you can just build both and then flex how you want. Everything except the Felarch can be built as a regular Voidscarred Warrior instead, if you want, and there’s a choice of shuriken pistol/sword or shuriken rifle for each of them.

As far as building these kits go, the CSM are the regular CSM plus the half-sprue – I’ve only built the box once, but as far as I remember it was a fine, normal box to build. The Voidscarred, like the new Kommandos, are a complete fucking nightmare. The bits for each model are all over the goddamn sprues and they’re so tightly packed that you’re basically playing Where’s Wally (or Waldo, for our North American readers) to try and find them. I have zero complaints about building the models themselves – once you’ve managed to clip them all off they’re straightforward, and they look cool as hell when they’re built and painted – but I did not enjoy Hunt the Kommando Nob on those sprues and I did not enjoy the Felarch version on these ones.

Voidscarred Way Seeker. Credit: Corrode

Beyond the books and models, there’s the standard package in here – a Kill Team board, some transfer sheets, and some terrain. Some terrain is an understatement; Chalnath came in the slimmer of the two “big box” types but Nachmund is in the large one, since that Mechanicus terrain is goddamn huge. It’s worth pointing out here that you get part of a variety of different kits, but not all of all of them. You only get the big crane from the Galvanic Servohaulers, and not the small one, and two copies of the slimmer Alchomite Stack rather than one of each. There’s also a hell of a lot of pipes, which to be fair do a lot more work in Kill Team. Even with the oddities of the configuration it’s still a decent value proposition; the box is £110, and the terrain alone is somewhere in that price range at RRP.

Like always with these boxes, how much you want it depends how much you’re into the teams inside and getting their rules right now. It seems likely that the previous Codex will release separately each time the new Warzone box comes out (as Chalnath has this weekend) so if you’re not super stoked to get your hands on it right this second then you can probably wait. If you’re into the terrain and either (or both!) of the teams, then it’s a decent purchase, especially if you’re on the Aeldari side and want some of those sweet new Corsairs.