UTC Recap: April 19, 2023

We recently announced the formation of the Unified Tournament Circuit, a new regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. In case you missed our announcement, you can find it here. Each week we’ll be covering the previous weekend’s events in the circuit, and showcasing players and lists from each. This past weekend, there were four UTC events:

  • Bedlam in the ‘Burgh 2023
  • Powerfists and Psykers April 2023
  • Huzzah Hobbies’ April RTT
  • Five Star Games’ April RTT

We’ll dive into each of those but before we do we have a special announcement to make:

UTC Standings for Warhammer 40k are now LIVE!

That’s right, our standings are now live and available for public viewing for Warhammer 40k. You can view them by heading over to this page. You can also see club and faction standings (we’re working on the latter still), and if you’re looking for Age of Sigmar, we’ll be adding those in two weeks after our first AoS event in the circuit concludes. Congrats to Trevy A, the current top position holder in the circuit – their pair of event scores put them ahead of Bedlam Winner Brad Chester.

If you want to know how scores are calculated, good news! – the rubric is publicly available. You can find it here, along with an explanation of why we chose the rubric we did.


Bedlam in the ‘Burgh 2023

Coraopolis, PA – Fabricator Forge

Photo Credit: Dom Metzger

The first 40k Major of the UTC season, Bedlam in the ‘Burgh was a 76-player event taking place over two days and five rounds. Top honors at the event went to Brad Chester of team Death or Glory, who piloted his Ulthwe Craftworlds list to a 5-0 finish, edging out the other 5-0 player, Thomas Ogden, on opponent game win % to claim the top spot.

The Results:

  • 1st Place General – Brad Chester
  • 2nd Place General – Thomas Ogden
  • 3rd Place General – Matt Tarantine

Faction Awards

Primarch’s Chosen (1st Founding Space Marines & Successors) – Scott Ferguson
Guardians of Terra (Adeptus Custodes, Deathwatch & Grey Knights) – Alexander Stoker
Imperium’s Will (Adepta Sororitas, Adeptus Mechanicus & Astra Militarum) – Michael Fox
Lords of Ruin (All Heretic Astartes & Chaos Demons) – Mike Norton
Weavers of Fate (Drukhari and Codex: Aeldari) – David Adelman
Hive Mind (Tyranids & Genestealer Cults) – Travis King
Supremacy of Iron (Chaos Knights & Imperial Knights) – Marcus Kehoe
Xenos Ascendant (Tau, Orks, Necrons & Leagues of Votann) – Brenton Weiss

Renaissance Man – David Adelman

Best Painted

  • 1st Place Best Painted – Michael Fox
  • 2nd Place Best Painted – Mike Norton
  • 3rd Place Best Painted – Geoff Beaman

Most Impressive Single Model (Small) – Christopher Adams
Most Impressive Single Model (Large) – Tyler Lark
Most Impressive Titanic Model – Jon Bingus
Most Impressive Squad – Matthew O’Hara

Other Awards

Meta Slayer (Genestealer Cults, Astra militarum, Iron Hands / Dark Angels) – Marcus Kehoe
Far Traveler – Jon Bingus

We’ll have more on the event in Friday’s Competitive Innovations part 2, including a recap of the final showdown. But we’d also like to take a moment to highlight the amazing Astra Militarum army of the event’s Best Painted winner, Michael Fox. His outstanding display board and incredible detail absolutely blew us away.

2nd and 3rd place best painted prizes went to Mike Norton and Geoff Beaman, who had amazing World Eaters and Orks on display.


Powerfists and Psykers April ’23

Ottawa, ON

The rare four-round, one-day event, Powerfists and Psykers saw 21 players squaring off for top honors. This was an event dominated by the Stat Check crew, with Zach Comeau winning the day with an Astra Militarum list running Swift as the Wind and Armored Superiority, four Leman Russ Executioners, and a Tempestus Scions Patrol. Zach beat fellow Astra Militarum player Will Paul in the final round. Will’s list ran Armoured Superiority and Mechanised Infantry as his Regimental Doctrines with a heavier dose of Kasrkin and Chimera transports.

  1. Zach Comeau (Stat Check) – Astra Militarum
  2. Will Paul – Astra Militarum
  3. Jeremy Atkinson (Stat Check) – Dark Angels


Huzzah Hobbies April 2023 RTT

Ashburn, VA – Huzzah Hobbies

Huzzah runs some of the best events in the area and is a regular participant in the Vadinax Campaign, hosting a local campaign branch. Their 30-player RTT held on Saturday in Ashburn, VA saw fierce competition over three rounds, with Charles Craig of Team Battle Brothers  taking the top spot with a 3-0 record and the highest total battle points score. Because they had so many players, four players finished with a 3-0 record:

  1. Charles Craig (Team Battle Brothers) – World Eaters
  2. Andrew Gonyo (Art of War) – Astra Militarum
  3. Scott Horras “Heresy” (Goonhammer) – Astra Militarum
  4. Brandon Van Den Eng (NOVA Elite Wargaming) – Orks

Credit: Charles Craig

Charles’ list is a hell of a thing, running Angron and a Greater Brass Scorpion alongside a pair of Dreadclaw Drop Pods ready to drop Exalted Eightbound and Berzerkers onto the table turn 1. It’s an incredibly nasty, mobile army that can put a lot of threats in your face turn one.

Best Painted for the day went to Goonhammer’s Norman Greenberg, whose lovingly converted Chaos Knights you’ve likely seen before on the site.


Five Star Games April 40k RTT

West Springfield, MA – Five Star Games

Last – but certainly not least – was Five Star Games’ 10-player RTT held at their store in West Springfield, MA. Dylan Therriault took top place at the event with his World Eaters army, running a standard Eightbound-heavy list with 12 regular Eightbound and 9 Exalted, plus five units of Berzerkers and two Rhinos.

  1. Dylan Therriault – World Eaters
  2. Daniel Wohlmuth (Battle for Salvation) – Craftworlds (Hail of Doom)
  3. Benjamin Rubenstein (SCGK) – T’au Empire


That wraps up this week’s results but stay tuned for more on the top finishes at Bedlam in the Burgh on Friday, along with more thoughts on the lists themselves and the decisions made. And be sure to check back next week when we’ll have another recap of the weekend’s events. Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at contact@goonhammer.com.