UTC Recap: Two RTTs Kick Off the Circuit

Last week we announced the formation of the Unified Tournament Circuit, a new regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. In case you missed our announcement, you can find it here. Over the weekend we saw our first two events in the circuit, a pair of RTTs in Maryland and Massachusetts.

Photo Credit: Jack McKay

TJ Cafe & Games April 40k Tournament

This 3-round event in Milford, MA hosted 15 players duking it out for the top spot. Ramses Alcaide of Northern Front took the top spot going 3-0 with his Born Soldiers Astra Militarum list, outscoring 2nd place 3-0 finisher Samuel Pope. Ramses’ list leans heavily on Kasrkin and Sentinels for a 1-2 punch of board control and mortal wounds, with the surprising inclusion of a pair of Earthshaker Carriages.

Samuel’s  List is running Behemoth with Naturalised Camouflage and runs heavy on Hormagaunts with support from a pair of Maleceptors and Venomthrope units.

1st place: Ramses A – Astra Militarum
2nd place: Samuel P – Tyranids
3rd place: Trevor A – Tyranids
Best sport: Paul M – Orks
Best painted: Graham Wolf – Blood Angels

Tables and Towers April RTT

This 3-round event took place at Tables and Towers in Westminster, MD and had a whopping 24 players duking it out for top honors, including Goonhammer’s own Scott Horras “Heresy,” who will be talking about his Rogal Dorn-heavy Guard list later on. If you want an idea of how brutal the competition was at this event, note that Scott went 3-0 and still missed a podium finish, with all three other 3-0 players topping his battle point scores.

Top honors at the event went to Davis Frye of Death or Glory with his Astra Militarum, while Matt Lorah of Vanguard Tactics finished in 2nd place with his Leagues of Votann. Mat’s list ran Urani-Surtr Regulates with 3 units of Thunderkyn and 9 Pioneer bikes.

1st place: Davis Frye – Astra Militarum
2nd place: Matt Lorah – Leagues of Votann
3rd place: Ken Knox – Space Marines


That wraps up our look at the past weekend’s events but we’ll be back on Friday to preview this weekend’s events and talk about what’s coming up. Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at contact@goonhammer.com.