UTC Weekend Recap and Preview: February 2, 2024

The Unified Tournament Circuit is a regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. In case you missed our announcement, you can find it here.

You can find the full calendar of UTC events here.

Last Weekend’s Events

I’m getting a dog this week which is the most exciting thing that’s happening this week, that said we’ve also got some UTC games to go through.

Peterborough Season Finale

(Peterborough, CA)

Repulsor Executioner by Craig “MasterSlowPoke” Sniffen

Out from Peterbourough, we have a 40k RTT to close out their season. Alex Brown won the event with some Ironstorm Space Marines. The list is a lot of the standard fare, with triple redemptor and a repex coming in to add some flavor. Congrats Alex!

  • Alex Brown (4++) – Adeptus Astartes
  • Andrew Banfield – Chaos Knigths
  • Andrew Foster (Kingston Gaming Nexus) – Dark Angels

40k Fabricator’s Forge TRIOS Team Tournament

(Coraopolis, PA)

Shoota Boyz. Credit: Rockfish
Shoota Boyz. Credit: Rockfish

Next up we have a trios event from Fabricator’s Forge. The winning team, Daddy Fat Shaft and The Boys (I am hereby begging UTC players not to make me type something like that again), took Orks, Custodes, and Iron Hands. Unfortunately I can’t see the lists themselves, but its definitely an interesting group of factions to see working together.

  • Daddy Fat Shaft and the Boyz
  • Unaffiliated
  • Warmachine

Five Star Games RTT

(West Springfield, MA)

Allarus Custodes by Crab-stuffed Mushrooms

Here we’ve got another 40k RTT from over in West Springfield MA. The event was won by Nicholas Kudriavetz and their Adeptus Custodes. The list featured a whole mess of allarus terminators backed up by the usual scoring support you’ll see in Custodes lists. Not gonna lie, I’ve been thinking about the golden boys myself lately…

  • Nicholas Kudriavetz (Dirty Drew and the Boyz) – Adeptus Custodes
  • Gil Fuhr (Gardner Game Knights) – Adepta Sororitas
  • Bradley Flagg (Gardner Game Knights) – Leagues of Votann


Alternate Universes January Warhammer 40K Tournament

(East Norriton, PA)

Credit: Robert “TheChirurgeon” Jones

Closing us out is yet another 40k RTT from Alternate Universes. The winning list here is a now dead as hell Chaos Space Marines list featuring chosen in rhinos with chaos lords. I’m happy Charles had the opportunity to get one last W with these guys before the slate. RIP to a real one.

  • Charles Burgard (Cheesestealer Cult) – Chaos Space Marines
  • Brian Zhu (Cuddle Buddies) – T’au Empire
  • Zach Hilts (Dumpster Fire) – Blood Angels

Upcoming Events

February 3

February 10

And that’s all we got for this week. Join us next time when we change things up and talk about warhammer tournaments maybe!

Have any questions or feedback? Are you a TO interested in joining the circuit? Drop us an email at contact@goonhammer.com.