UTC Weekend Recap and Preview, November 16, 2023

The Unified Tournament Circuit is a regional circuit for Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar which covers the area between Virginia and Newfoundland. In case you missed our announcement, you can find it here.

You can find the full calendar of UTC events here.

Last Weekend’s Events

November is chugging along with just a few more weeks left in the UTC season. This seems like our last big week before the cutoff for the UTC finale on December 10th.

Age of Sigmar November RTT

(Westminster, MD)

Gatebreaker Mega-Gargant. Credit: Fowler

Our first event of the weekend was a Age of Sigmar RTT that was taken by Jeremy Hauk’s Sons of Behemat. The list features 4 big boys using the new army of renown, King Brodd’s Stomp. As a 40k knights player, I choose believe we are kindred spirits and this is the most morally correct Age of Sigmar army

  • Jeremy Hauck (Team Big Chungus) – Sons of Behemat
  • Corry Wiggins – Ogor Mawtribes
  • Tom Crowley (Knights of the Pond) – Slaves to Darkness


40k November RTT Fabricators Forge

(Coraopolis, PA)

Dark Angels Redemptor Dreadnought. Credit: Greg Chiasson

For our first 40k event we have an RTT. This one was won by Larry Paladin and their Dark Angels (in this case it was just green Ironstorm). As expected the list features a ton of armor including triple ballistus, triple redemptors, and triple techmarines

  • Larry Paladin (Warmachine) – Dark Angels
  • Alan Whitacre (Steel City Legion) – Aeldari
  • Malaki Fowler – Thousand Sons


Games N Friends November GT

(Springfield, MA)

Photo of Biel-tan Crimson Hunter
Photo Credit: Musterkrux

Up next we have our first and only 40k GT of the week. Daniel Wohlmuth took the event with their Aeldari with most of the staples you’d expect from the long eared terrors of tenth edition. There is a Crimson Hunter in this list which is pretty cool I guess.

  • Daniel Wohlmuth (Battle For Salvation) – Aeldari
  • Thomas Pelletier (Team Adonis) – Black Templars
  • Gene Perkins – Chaos Knights


Warhammer 40K: Fall RTT at Carcosa Club

(Brooklyn, NY)

Marneus Calgar Credit: Alfredo Ramirez
Marneus Calgar Credit: Alfredo Ramirez

Last up we have a 40k RTT. This time it was won by Ultramarines run by Ronny Luna. The list used the Gladius Task Force detachment and used Calgar, six Aggressors, and Six Bladeguard to apply melee pressure directly to their opponent’s forehead. Congrats on the win Ronny!

  • Ronny Luna (TBS) – Ultramarines
  • Boris Poletaev (Brooklyn Strategist) – Chaos Knights
  • Peter de Florio (Warmongers) – Genestealer Cult

Upcoming Events

November 18, 2023

November 18, 2023

Have any questions or feedback? Are you a TO interested in joining the circuit? Drop us an email at contact@goonhammer.com.