Vadinax Campaign Update, Week 3: February 14, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story in the sector. 

It’s week 3 of the Vadinax Campaign and major events have been set in motion across the Vadinax Sector. Players played another 74 games in the global campaign across 55 rosters and 21 different planets. They’ve also been hard at work advancing the narrative, hunting down ice krakens, discovering ancient webway gates, and scanning for The Mendel.

If you missed last week’s update, you can find it here.

The Hunt on Skaadthi

No planet saw more battles over the course of the week than Skaadthi, as forces descended on the planet to both scout the location of the lost barge The Mendel and to hunt for the abandoned research outpost constructed to study the planet’s massive ice krakens. 15 games were played on the planet in total, shifting control of it by 7%.

The Imperium Ascendant

The Imperium continues to consolidate its territory across the sector for yet another week, its forces winning the majority of their battles against the forces of Chaos. None have been more fervent than those of the Adeptus Kastiana. However tragedy struck the Imperial forces when, shortly after a major victory over the forces of Shadebinder and House Gloam, the Thunderhawk carrying their forces was struck down, with no survivors. In the wake of this tragedy the newly named Strike Force Vengeance has taken their place, vowing to carry on their mission and exact a heavy toll on the Chaos forces.

The Necron forces also made gains this week, working to awaken ancient slumbering tomb worlds as Chaos and Imperium forces quibble over the surfaces of their worlds.

The Great Game At A Standstill

The machinations of the followers of Tzeentch kept the Changer of Ways atop the great game again, but by only the narrowest of margins – Khorne is very close behind. Meanwhile the followers of Nurgle made great progress this week, sowing plagues on many worlds in Vadinax. None were more dedicated to the cause than Khazog, a mighty lord discordant and champion of Nurgle, whose form now swells with unbound vitality thanks to the blessing of Grandfather Nurgle.

The hulk containing the Mendel floats in the void, waiting

The Discovery of the Mendel

After millennia of silence, the Mendel has been discovered, and Imperial forces of Strike Force Vengeance and the Lamenters chapter have made their way into the massive hulk containing the ancient barge. Although their initial attempts to make headway into the vessel failed, Vengeance redoubled their efforts and found a new breaching point, battling their way past dark monsters from the warp to secure a foothold on the hulk. Now both forces push further into the depths of the hulk, searching for the cargo hold of the ancient vessel.



The assault on Kephistrone continues, but at this point in time it appears that the faithful servants of the Emperor will hold on to the city against the Chaos assault. There are rumors however that the Death Guard may be attempting something nefarious in the sewer

network beneath the city.

A Redemptor Dreadnought of the Sons of Ash 3rd Company engages an unknown possessed war machine in Kephistrone’s trench network. Photo: Andrew Corban

For every success the Imperial forces have had at Kephistrone, they have had an equal setback in their attempt to storm Miltner’s Docks. The majority of the Docks remain firmly in the clutches of Malioch Soulbinder, and the forces of Chaos have even been so bold as to launch a surprise boarding action on one of Strike Force Gladius’ ships, the Strike Cruiser Herald of Victory.

The forces of Malioch Soulbinder clash with Strike Force Praxor amidst the refueling facilities of Miltner’s Docks. Photo: Dan “Swiftblade” Richardson

Out in the cold expanse of Espern’s Drift, the Sun’chur Dynasty continues to have a rude awakening. The forces of the Votann and the genestealer corrupted Imperial miners have stymied their attempts to link up and bring their superior numbers to bear.

The legion of Overlord Bau’perh sets forth to deliver an ultimatum to the foreman of the Departmento Laborum miners. Photo: Chris C.

Overlord Bau’perh finds that the Foreman is rather more difficult to threaten than anticipated. Photo: Chris C



The Imperium is getting its act together. Warmaster Jehanne was able to successfully rally the troops to make decisions as allies. Every army of the Imperium successfully heeds word that the 91st Mud Dogs aren’t in fact a renegade regiment, though some contingents still harbor resentment for the unfortunate beastmen within their ranks. Pa’ul Tredes continues on his quest to uncover the Webway gate in order to recruit more Aeldari reinforcements to push Chaos off the planet. In related news Chaos took blow after blow. With losses across the planet the Ruinous Powers are going to have to double their efforts in the coming battles if they hope to achieve any success. Vykât Thuûrk continues to make plays for the planet’s resource centers, successfully wresting some control of the Manufactorum from the Aeldari.

Meanwhile in The Southern Agrifields, the Crimson Guard continue to hold the line against The Caustic Crusher Stampede as they attempt to destroy make the fields barren and deprive the Imperium of vital resources.

The Crimson Guard rage on as the Caustic Crusher Stampede begin to push them back.

In a show of faith, the Adepta Sororitas forces of the Shrine Sanctuary Lucia made a push into the Waagh Scrapyard with the 91st Mud Dogs. Hoping this show of force will drive the Orks inward and increase the Imperium’s faith in the Mud Dogs. Canonness Justina and Castellan Vents Delmar prove to be strong allies and successfully drive back the green tide and slow Stompa production.

The Greenskins are no match for the combined powers of the Imperium’s finest.



]======= The Aquila’s Cry ======[

This is Jex Yarum reporting live from the frontlines on all things Perplior

Spearheading the investigation of Space Station Pumilian, Librarian Orazio Ravini of the Scions of Revelation penetrates the ever-shifting passageways and stumbles upon a large glowing aperture. They are faced with a series of riddles written in the language of the Kin. Do not heed any rumors of hostile factions on the Space Station, Governor Plantowski assures me personally that the station is safe. The mysterious “Kin” as they call themselves assert that the station is “theirs” and continue to take aggressive action in securing bulkheads.

As Imperial troops reach the gateway in the inner layer of the Space Station, other factions race close behind trying to catch up with the Imperials.

Endless greenskins continue to raid the Armoury to steal supplies, and are easily held at bay by our brave Imperial forces constantly reinforcing defenses to hold off the raids. Our heroic soldiers do all they can to keep the lifeblood of the sector secure.

Imperial Victory!

Aerial surveillance has detected Aeldari and Necron forces fighting in the mountains, The Aeldari seem to be constructing something in the mountains but no one can truly understand the inferior Xenos machinations. Reports are also coming in of Necrons causing landslides and tremors. Keep your feet on the ground out there!

Aeldari forces up to who knows what in the mountains

Transit station repand continues its busy schedule of maglev trains despite the best efforts of the foul greenskins to cause mayhem and disarray. Logis Rho-Beta-Sun has diverted full attention to making sure logistical integrity is ensured if any harm befalls Transit Station Repand.

Heretics and witches are overtaking the streets in Tertius Secundus Politcus Sector. Efforts are being made by the PDF to quell these traitors but cult activity continues to grow.

Strange reports coming out of “Sniper’s Alley”! Supposedly civilian groups have been stealing supplies with the help of stolen mining equipment, while supposedly strange beasts have been running rampant destroying mega-highways and derailing maglev trains. I reached out to local Biologis E. Ripley who told me 

This is clearly a form of local wildlife we have yet to catalogue, most likely mutated from the promethium refinery runoff. Despite rumors of their ferocity I assure you it is nothing the PDF cannot handle.”

Our heroic Imperial forces have returned to Normet hive to extinguish the riots of heretics and worker collectives. Rejoice at our saviors!



One of our crusaders, Dreadmute, has built a custom website where you can read about his force’s exploits! Check out and try commands: latest or retrieve 2.05

This week James Robertson (@generallyfabricating) introduced us to Captain Kerrick of the Radiant Consuls!

Disco Macabre’s Demon Prince painted this week!



As the fighting on Tern’s Endeavor escalates, the Imperial defenders have found themselves stretched thin, overstretched in their effort to hold too many critical locations across the sparsely-populated world. While the defenses around the planetary capital of Tearfall remain inviolate, and while Valern Citadel holds strong despite a single successful sabotage attempt, the defenders have lost ground elsewhere.

Disaster in the North

Seeming to score a decisive blow against Archenemy forces before they could consolidate their beachhead, massed Imperial forces drove north towards the fallen city of Grand Kriosa – an ill-fated expedition, as they were driven back in force, only a few heroic efforts from the Imperial guns preventing the ill-fated expedition from becoming an all-out rout.

Traitor Astartes of the Emperor’s Children fall upon hapless sisters of the Order of the Unfaltering Frost.

It remains to be seen whether the thralls of the Ruinous Powers will show such coordination in taking the fight to the rest of Tern’s Endeavor, and whether the Imperials can reclaim lost territory elsewhere… but for the time being, Grand Kriosa remains staunchly in Chaotic hands.

Noesite Betrayal

While the largest concentration of Imperial forces were beaten back from the northern offensive, the local Mechanicus enclave centered at the Aeolian Choir showed its perfidious face. Many of these tech-priests, while still claiming loyalty to the Omnissiah, seemed enthralled to some heretical interpretation of the Machine God’s purity. Calling themselves Noesites, their faction has thrown wide the gates of the Aeolian Choir, joining with Aeldari forces and other xenos-sympathizing blasphemers to seize definitive control of the forge complex.

Squad Tourbillion, of Ultramarines Strike Force Faustus, attempt a desperate fighting retreat from freeblades pledged to the Noesite cause.

And while Xenos forces have seized control of the Aeolian Choir, so too have they been active in the Laiten Expanse – scattered reports of skirmishes at fallen vox-shrines or isolated monastic complexes report that point after crucial point throughout the mountain region have fallen to an enigmatic Aeldari force.

Struggle at the Rift

If the Imperials held their ground anywhere on Tern’s Endeavor, it was at the critical mining city of Mellar’s Rift, the site of the fiercest attacks on a heavily-populated zone thus far. Though Chaos and Xenos attacks have made inroads into the sprawling industrial complexes and tunnel-works that criss-cross the fjord-city, it remains in Imperial hands… though concerning reports of exploratory mining operations continuing despite the ongoing siege raise questions about what might transpire there in the future.

A Knight of the Shadowbane Lance faces down arch-enemy armored assets in the ongoing struggle.

As Imperial forces struggle against the weight of hostile incursions, what might transpire next in the battle for Tern’s Endeavor? Scavenging parties dive deep into the rusting hulks of The Graves in search of forgotten treasures and technologies, while certain well-resourced warbands begin to probe the depths of the world’s oceans in search of the truth behind the rumored facility known only as the Underside. And there must be something noteworthy there beneath Mellar’s Rift, given that so much of the fighting concerns control over outlying tunnel complexes in lieu of the city itself…



The war shakes the planet to its core, with rumblings of distant explosions deep underneath the prison system being reported from inmates. 

The forces of the reclamation fleet have taken hold of the star port, and have begun to push the forces of the chaos out of the prison sewers. This has been mostly championed by the Tome Keepers, who have taken a huge interest in the machinations of the Arkifane’s followers. 

Pictured here, Captain Darius bal Sin of the Tome Keepers 7th battle company.

Next Week: The Plot Thickens

That wraps up our look at the Vadinax Campaign results this week but tune in next week when we look at new plot developments and follow some of the xenos forces making waves in the sector. Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at