Vadinax: The Agrippa Campaign

Howdy Readers! I am Max “Maxi_The_Pigasus” Garcia, and I will be helping run the Kingwood slice of Vadinax. This will be the third Crusade I have run, and have hopes that this will be the best one yet. And with the dedicated work that the folks here at Goonhammer HQ have done, I believe this will be an event long talked about after its conclusion. Our focus in the local part of this campaign revolves around Agrippa IV, a penal world at the fringe of the Vadinax Sector.

The Coming Darkness

12 Solar Cycles ago, a Word Bearers warband made planet fall on Agrippa IV leaving death and destruction in their wake. After 5 months of war, with the help of the Ultramarines Chapter, the Chaos Warband was driven back. In their absence, small cults sprung up across Agrippa. Officially, these have all been crushed, with their members burned for their crimes of Heresy. However, in hushed tones across the planets populace there are stories of hidden cults preparing for a ritual passed down over the years; and with reported sightings of Chaos fleets in the Vadinax Sector, the planet braces for the worst…

Map of Agrippa IV, dated late M41 showing the key locations across the surface.

Agrippa IV

Agrippa IV is a penal world focused on supplying the Vadinax Sector with Promethium and Granite. Utilizing the labor of those condemned to be here, profit is massive for the planetary Governor and Warden Maximillio “Iron Fist” Von Trost. Discovered by and claimed for the Imperium a Rogue Trader 230 solar cycles ago, Agrippa IV has been an important hub for industrial development in the sector. With its large resources of Promethium and Granite, mining on the planet has always been a primary focus of the world, and with the constant influx of criminals and heretics, production has been kept high. 

Since the opening of the great rift, Agrippa IV has become invaluable to the Imperial planets in the Vadinax Sector, as support from the Imperium Sanctus has become harder to secure. With the arrival of the chaos fleets in the sector, production has been kept at an all-time high to fuel the defense efforts, but those who rules the planet know it is only a matter of time before the forces of disorder come to this planet to take it for themselves. Bearing that in mind, calls for aid have been sent out, and the people (and prisoners) of Agrippa IV await their savior’s arrival.

The Claws of the Xenos

Yet more rumors abound of strange gatherings deep in the shadows of the mountains, oddly deformed prisoners and citizens alike meeting for some unknown purpose. Stories have been told of three armed men and women, and of monsters lurking in the shadow of the mountains.

These rumors are unsubstantiated, and surely the Governor’s Office would warn the people of Agrippa IV if such a threat existed, right?

Player Alliances

The players of our campaign will be split into the following factions, after a bit of discussion with them regarding their personal narrative within the context of the campaign.

Agrippan Defence Coalition: the military forces attached to the PDF, be they the Astra Militarum, Knight House, or a hired ally. These are the brave souls who have the most on the line on Agrippa IV, and so they will make concessions with the different factions of Imperial and Imperium-Adjacent if it means keeping control of Agrippa IV in the hands of Maximillio “Iron Fist” Von Trost, the Planetary Governor and Prison Warden.

Sorcerer Lord Garastank of The Purge, Host of the Arkifane, M42

Host of the Arkifane: Chaos forces under the banner of the Warmaster, come to retrieve a relic from the Vadinax system for the Arkifane Vashtorr and pillage what they can for themselves. Having received communications from the Helot Gangs that have  sprung up since the Word Bearers incursion a little over a decade ago, the Host has come to reap a mighty toll on the prison planet, potentially taking it for the Warmaster as a soul forge. Sorcerer Lord Garastank, a member of The Purge warband of Nurgle has taken quite an interest in leading the assault on Agrippa IV, and has many agents working covertly for him across the planet.

Imperial Reclamation Fleet “The Sword of Hate”: A crusading force of Adeptus Astartes, Sororitas, and Militarum who have come to the defense of Agrippa IV in response to the Chaos and Xenos threat to the sector. With their combined military might, they hope to hold the Heretic and Xenos threats at bay.

Patriarch of the Children of the Stars, unknown cult affiliation.

The Children of the Stars: Tyranid forces across the sector go by this name, their motivations unknown to outsiders. Multiple Genestealer Cults and even Tyranid Vanguard Organisms have been rumored to exist within the Prison system, but these claims have all been denied by the local Adeptus Arbites.

Trade Federation of Agrippa: A collection of various interest groups within the mercantile sphere around the planet, from some Votann kinhosts, some morally bankrupt business leaders, to the fringe delegations of Tau. Willing to do what it takes to get their share, they are consolidating their power around the planet to protect themselves from the coming storm and also Administratum eyes.

Unbound: Groups who hold no love for other alliances, working as rogue agents within the greater conflict. 

Dramatis Personae

Maximillio “Iron Fist” Von Trost

The Planetary Governor and Warden of the Prison, Maximillio has ruled the planet with ruthless efficiency. Keeping production across the prison workers high, and keeping the exports flowing out without a hitch. With the looming threat of Chaos and Xenos forces, he has mobilized the PDF across the planet, as well as sending out requests for aid from nearby Imperial and Votann forces. 

Data-Prefect Rhuin B-2

Adeptus Mechanicus Magos stationed on Agrippa IV. They have an agreement with Maximillio to keep their distance from his Prison, but are left to their own devices within the Garabaldi Mountain ranges to pursue their work. Cares little for the population of the world, but is obsessed with delving ever deeper into the planet’s crust, looking for some “thing” below. 

General Armac Bruz

General of the PDF, veteran of the war against the Word Bearers. Hasn’t been the same since, plagued by nightmares of the things he saw all those years ago. Keeps the PDF ready at all times for their return, which may well be soon.

Interrogator Emilia Arvelest

Inquisitorial Interrogator of the Ordo Hereticus, Emilia has taken up residence near the prison to keep an eye on the prison population for potential candidates for her masters’ use in the interest of the Throne. She has been busy since the Arks arrived in the sector, gathering information from all over through use of her contacts. Treats the Agrippan leadership as well as the Trade Federation equally, as her main goal is stability in the wake of the Warmsaters gaze.

Sorcerer Lord Garastank, Magister Lord

High Sorcerer Lord of The Purge Chaos Space Marine Warband. Sees the concentration of lives within the prison as a gift from Nurgle, and what better way to secure the relic for Vashtorr than to wipe all life from the sector?

Ghorrk Vanum, Blessed Brother of the Children of the Stars

An Abomination in the eyes of the Imperium, a beautiful member of the revolution to the Children of the Stars. He works with his network of Cults and Spies to prepare for the day of ascension. Sending missives to the cults requesting them to set bombs, assassinate those who are getting too close to the conspiracy, and spreading the good news of the Four-Armed-Emperor to those in the prison.

Relics of Days Past

Tales of a treasure hidden under the prison have been told for generations, with some saying there is a piece of Archeotech hidden within a vault and others claiming an Abominable Intelligence is held within some stasis hold to be experimented on. The truth may never be known, but the Adeptus Mechanicus do have a presence in the northern province, and do not like prying eyes…

How will it all end?

Only time will tell, but our little community has gotten a pretty solid number of players signed up, with a few more likely to trickle in before the official start next week. 

If you want to get involved, and are in the Kingwood/Humble area, come by the local Warhammer shop this weekend as the majority of players will be there and looking to fight for domination!

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