Vadinax Update, Week 12: April 19, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story.

If you missed the most recent update before this, you can find it here.

This week was a quiet one, with some of the stores running local campaigns turning over their space to RTTs. We’ll be focusing instead on the major developments in the global portion of the campaign, taking place across 22 hard-fought battles, of which 10 took place on Keplon.

Chaos Triumphant on Keplon

After weeks of conflict on Keplon, Shanker Gord chose three champions from among those sieging the planet and tasked them with capturing a powerful artefact – a petrified log of no seeming importance – to the Ark of Omen Ten Thousand Lies. These warbands – The Architects of Calamity, the Cabal of the Seekers After Ouroboros, and The Apostate Cabal – successfully broke through Imperial defenses on Keplon during the fighting and managed to secure the piece, where it was promptly teleported back to Abaddon by Alpha Legion operatives. While the majority of Chaos forces withdrew following the success of this action, some fighting on Keplon continues as bloodthirsty warbands stay behind to clean up.

The Joust Begins

The first round of the Joust has begun, seeing the Knight-Desecrator Bonesaw of House Azalea destroy its opponent in single combat to claim victory in the first round of battles. More battles await in the coming days as competitors line up to compete for control of the planet, though any attempting will have to go through the likes of Shadebinder or Azule-Astra to claim the prize.

The Prize of the Mendel

While the space hulk containing the wreckage of the Mendel has yet to be fully explored and its depths plumbed for treasures, the Lamenters’ Four Company, led by Chief Calix Belator, a Sanguinary Pries of particular fevor, managed to make their way through the depths and discover a hidden trove of uncorrupted gene seed belonging to the Blood Angels’ legion. His initial experiments with the material have proven fruitful, and while it is yet too early to hope for a cure, at least for the moment, the chapter’s Black Rage has subsided.

Stagnation in the Great Game

Although Tzeentch and Khorne previously vied for contention fairly regularly, this past few weeks have seen Tzeentch take and hold a strong lead as the sorcerers of various cabals of Thousand Sons have been completing rituals to bolster the prowess of their god in the sector. Tzeentch remains on top for now, even as the skulls pile up in Khorne’s honor.

Next Week: Ten Thousand Lies on the Move

That wraps up our look this week at the results of the Vadinax campaign but check back next week when we find out where Shanker Gord is headed next, see the progress on The Joust, and get an update on our local campaigns. And in the meantime if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at