Vadinax Update, Week 13: April 26th, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story.

If you missed the most recent update before this, you can find it here.

We’re now at a staggering 553 battles fought for the global campaign across 25 different planets and 120 armies. With Chaos Triumphant last week, successful in stealing the key artefact for Abaddon, Shanker Gord has turned his terrible Ark, Ten Thousand Lies, toward the Tychon System. His current target is yet unknown but Imperial Forces will need to be alert and combine their strength if they hope to stop him.

This week we’re back to looking at the goings on of our local campaigns.



The Chaos infighting at Miltner’s Docks came to a head, as Makarios’ forces at last uncovered Malioch’s machinations. Rather than assisting Makarios in the subjugation of the remaining Imperial forces, Malioch has been prioritizing getting his hands on as much of Parasbine Secundus’ Blackstone riches as possible, and using it to build a colossal sacrificial altar and Noctalith Crown. He’d rather sacrifice the planet’s workforce in a risky attempt to summon an unstoppable tide of daemons than put them to work in the forges as Abaddon commanded.

An elite crew of the shock troops, headed up by Korvash the Ascended, managed to break through the lines and engaged Malioch in an attempt to bring him to heel, but after a mighty battle the forces of the Soulbinder stood victorious, having vanquished their former commanders and seized leadership of the forces of the Ruinous Powers on Parasbine for themselves.

The Disciples of Memnos repulse an attack from the Hounds of Perdition. Photo: James R.

A Black Legionaire loyal to the Soulbinder aims his combi-melta at a War Dog from the Dreadforge Assembly. Photo: Luke B.

Malioch and Korvash square off amidst the warp-twisted ruins of Miltner’s Docks. Photo: Luke B.

Outside Miltner’s Docks, the Trans-Hyperion Alliance have fended off the Space Marines and have managed to secure both the bridge and the engine room of the stricken Auger of Truth. The Votann arrived prepared to exact vengeance on the genestealer cultists of the Departmento Laborum for hijacking their frigates, but it seems that there was only a small token force of the cultists on board…

Strike Force Angelos makes a final attempt to dislodge the Trans-Hyperion Alliance from the crash site of the Auger of Truth. Photo: Sam M.

It’s Hammerin’ Time. Photo: Sam M.

Meanwhile, the fighting at Haxan has been bloody and closely contested. The Sun’Chur Dynasty got the better of the Defenders of Kephistrone, but the Imperials have managed to secure enough promethium to roll out of the hellish refueling stop and continue their thunder run towards the Auger of Truth.

A heroic sergeant of the Parasbine PDF fends off the Sun’Chur’s wraiths just long enough for his comrades to escape back to their armored column. Photo: Carmine B.

The Sun’Chur Dynasty pour out of the Haxan hab blocks intent on purging the Order of Her Resplendent Ashes. Photo: Andrew C.

Father Sunshine attempts to convert Lord Topherus, Voidlord of the Vassal Dynasties, Celestial Ruler of Divine Right. Bless his heart. Photo: Andrew C.



Fighting rages on the Moon as factions scour it for the secrets it may hold. The Aeldari of Craftworld Iásar-Athreith search for a hidden artifact known only to them. The forces of Chaos and the Imperium vie for control over the infrastructure left there. As it stands the putrid forces of Chaos are successfully keeping the Imperium away from the archeotech there with the Chaos Knights of Rusted Talon leading the charge.

Pa’ul Tredes sends out his Striking Scorpions to finish off Boyz of the WAAGH! Mek Stompa on the Moon, Credit: Padraic

Meanwhile, on the surface of Nox Veritas, Warboss Ankro puts out a call for battle at the Scrapyard. All fighting forces welcome to wreak havoc on the plains. Battles rage and the blood of many is spilled. Having earned his coin, Vykât Thuûrk heeds the call and makes his return to Nox Veritas after assisting the Imperium on Perplior. Content with the efforts being shown on the Moon, Xandu Patriarch of Rust of House Rusted Talon decides to return to the planet’s surface and spill more blood than many. Impressed, Ankro reluctantly bestows a gift to the corrupted knights.

Vykât Thuûrk spills the blood of the Emperor’s Chosen  at the behest of Warboss Ankro, Credit: Rocco Gest



The focus of the war has shifted to the area surrounding the Governor’s Palace, with the Imperials largely abandoning the prison to the forces of Chaos and the Cults of Genestealers. The flow of mutants has been slowed by the Imperial Forces, though the Agrippa Rippers artillery runs have been opening new entrances for the hordes.

A recent arrival to the planet, Grand Master Adontor of the Grey Knights has been hunting a greater daemon across the planet. The Daemons influence found its way into the Black Templars crusading force, appearing to them as a being of golden light. Tricking them into attacking the Grey Knights, they were swiftly defeated, and the Daemon banished. 

Grey Knight Terminators battle the Black Templars on Agrippas desert.

With the advance on the Governor’s Palace gaining traction among the World Eaters and Thousand Sons, the Reclamation Fleet and PDF have reorganized their effort to stand against the encroaching chaos warbands. 

Tome Keepers and Kriegsmen hold the line against the wave of oncoming Eightbound.

The Agrippa Rippers have been engaging in small skirmishes against the PDF, with Rictus leaving flyers in the wake of his artillery barrages promising to burn the Palace to the ground. Security details have been reinforced by General Bruz. 

A flyer recovered by the PDF



A lot has been happening on Mordrax over the past few weeks. Here is a quick summary:

The Great Pilgrimage

The Great Pilgrimage to the shrine on Enora has returned now that Battle Group Athena have control of the continent. Pilgrims have arrived on Mordrax from all across the Vadinax sector. While the forces of humanity provide protection for these faithful travellers, the Xenos and Chaos armies have been hunting them down. The Pilgrimage will conclude this week and Humanity is currently losing.

Ancient Secrets and Admech Schemes

The mysteries of Mordrax are slowly being uncovered. Ancient Necron facilities have been explored on the continent of Lumina and the moon Aleph Proxima, which suggest this world had a specific and important purpose to the Necron Empire. Further investigations have found the Adeptus Mechanicus have been “recruiting” the Mordrax PDF for many generations to assist with their experiments on these old xenos technologies. What all this means remains to be uncovered in the final stage of the campaign.

Campaign Masters Note: Players don’t want to solve a puzzle to open an Admech door when they are being shot at by Knights and charged by Genestealers; give them a puzzle anyway

The High Magistrate’s Conquest

The campaign started with the High Magistrate setting out to control all of Mordrax. His army remains in control of the main continent of Emburia and Aleph Proxima, but the Imperium are firmly holding Enora and have seized Hive Soron. The uprising from the Free People’s is trapped on the continent of Octavia and the Sentinels, sitting in Lumina, haven’t really contained any secrets. As we move to the last month of the campaign, the conquest for Hive Soron will likely prove to be pivotal.

Campaign Fact: Hive Soron is 90% made up of pipes.

Wasn’t There a Warp-Possesed Ark on a Collision Course With the Planet?

Oh yeah, there is! Looks like it will collide with Mordrax in about 4 weeks. I am sure that won’t cause any complications for the ongoing war.

Next Week: The Endgame Begins

That wraps up our look this week at the results of the Vadinax campaign but check back next week we talk about what’s in store for the final weeks of the campaign and check in again on our local groups. And in the meantime if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at