Vadinax Update, Week 6: March 9, 2023

The Vadinax Campaign is Goonhammer’s Global Crusade Campaign for Warhammer 40,000. Each week we’ll explore the major events taking place in the sector and talk about how players are shaping the ongoing story in the sector. 

It’s week 6 of the Vadinax Campaign and the bodies are starting to pile up. Join us this week as we talk about the first Fated Hour missions, progression on the search for the Mendel, and the ice krakens of Skaadthi.

If you missed last week’s update, you can find it here.

Let’s start by looking at the numbers:

  • Players played 132 games this week, with 54 of those happening at the global level. This week the maiden world Nal’Shara saw the most fighting, as Aeldari defenders worked tireless to keep interlopers off the pristine planet they’d cultivated.
  • The Great Game results continue to hold steady, though Khorne made sizeable progress this week. Every week this battle draws close as World Eater forces battle it out to throw skulls on the skull throne and Thousand Sons armies perform sorcerous rituals.
  • Since the beginning of the campaign’s second phase, Chaos forces have made some inroads, though they’re still woefully outnumbered by Imperium players and the tenacity of those Imperial defenders is unmatched – the forces of Adeptus Kastiana have already logged a staggering 64 games in the campaign, including 42 victories!

Now for some headlines:

The First Ice Kraken goes down

Working together (who said that was allowed?), Mengtzu and Frank finally managed to fell an Ice Kraken on Skaadthi. These viscious beasts have a ton of wounds and won’t go down without a fight! During their three kraken hunts, Frank’s Chapter Master died and was interred in a dreadnought. In the following hunt, that same dreadnought delivered the killing blow, securing the win for Frank’s space marines. They can use the scale and teeth they recovered to build powerful new artefacts.

That said, there’s more than one ice kraken on skaadthi to find…

The Battle for the Mendel

The battle for the Mendel continues to heat up, as forces fight off unknown terrors in the dark to find the hidden stores of gene-seed aboard the ship. And more armies have located the vessel, floating in the dark just beyond the stellar reaches of one system.



The Agrifields are firmly in the control of the Tyranid swarms. They have managed to push out the forces of the imperium and consume the biomatter for their own uses. The Crimson Guard has been making every attempt to regain this vital ground, but the bugs and the heretics have proven to be hardier than expected. Deus Veritas is seeing attacks from all sides as Imperial forces focus their efforts on holding the Manufactorum. More whispers in the warp lead High Admiral Demetrius to believe the taint of Chaos has spread throughout Imperial Command, Warmaster Jehanne concurs and looks to contact Inquisitors to find and root out those touched by the Ruinous Powers. There is no time for confusion in the ranks.

The 420th Krieg Siege Regiment join up with the 91st Cadian Mud Dogs to take on the Ynnari forces of Iásar-Athreith and the Ork forces of the Gitpunta as the Imperium attempts to take back the northern wastes of the Waagh Scrapyard. These attempts will prove to be futile

Guard hold the line as the Xenos advance, Credit: Sam Sprigman

Bonus Battle Report

The players of Nox Vertias have taken to putting their battle reports into video format and this week we’re showing off their hard work.



Rumours of heretical Adeptus Mechanicus plots spread across the planet.

Captain Gabriel Khrane is directing an assault on Orbital Defense Battery Alpha.

Shadowblade is offering easy advancement to anyone willing to bury the secrets of Mordrax.

The High Magstrate’s Army holds Emburia and has taken Proxima Aleph. Battle Group Athena holds Enora and has taken Hive Soron. The Sentinels hold Lumina Radwastes. The Free Peoples hold Octavia.


Transit Station Repand is operating at 100% capacity despite declining output reports. The greenskin raids and so called “WAAGH TRAIN” are all just excuses from heretically lazy workers and should be ignored.

Brave Imperial Forces are holding off two fronts in the Steel Spire Mountains against the scheming Aeldari and the mysterious “metal men”. The Aeldari are all but eradicated and I am assured that the recent strategic withdrawls from these metal men mean victory is close. The Aeldari have left behind some of their profane architecture which should be destroyed shortly.

Aldrios Adantor of the Grey Knights stares into the abyss of the Monolith. (photo credit Ian)

Governor Plantowski continues his appropriately lavish displays of parades and grandeur fitting of his status. On an unrelated note corpse starch rations are being reduced in Hive Primus by 15%. Despite the concern of our caring generals, Plantowski has wisely decided to keep the PDF by his side rather than needlessly reinforce the Imperial forces in the mountains.

Attention citizens! Enforcers will double the ration allotment for the next month of any person who provides information that leads to the destruction of the heretic warband “The Yellow Sign.” Any citizen who fails to produce such information will be jailed accordingly.

Lance Cataphract and the entire politicus sector are counting on you!

The Knights of Lance Cataphract fall into a endless nightmare against the Yellow Sign. (Photo Credit Sam)

The rumors are true, angels walk among us. The “Aegis Solidarity” comprised of His holy bodyguard and their mysterious silver astartes cousins have achieved victory after victory across the planet eliminating heretic and xenos forces alike. Praise be under his eye!

Artoris Talorn Vadrian Paevaalic Fa’aryeh swiftly eliminates the Aeldari Autach of the Shard of Anath’lan (photo credit Justin)

]====== COMMUNITY UPDATES ======[

A battle report from Voidablemage:

​​The Fall of the Capital The tyranids were slowly over running their position, their seemed to be a resonance within the city center that gripped the knights with an unease, while they previously held the immediate area of the city center against the Tyranids, they then began to push them out, slowly yet surely, while doing so they stayed together, until the Tyranids began to pick them off, piece by piece. This area of the city is tainted by some warp entity, shaking their resolve. Though eventually without their minds steeled and focused, mistakes were being made, they were falling left and right. Eventually their lines were broken and our forces chaplain began to pray with an unknown intensity while this immense foul beast broke through his rosarius, he noticed a beam of light erupt in a clustered park, seeing his hope appear before him, the entity, green with power and wielding a huge sword. He had previously been blessed to summon this entity. Which they called the Spirit of Rynn, and while the marines retreated to the center they had held, this Spirit held off these tyranids with a ferocity only the Emperor could bestow onto them. Their salvation had come once again

An update on Battle Reports by Dreadmute:
Use commands: Latest or Retrieve

The community met up on Sunday to work on their current projects in preparation for Perpliors first narrative event! Existing and current players met up and showed off their latest work and even exchanged advice on painting techniques!

Members set up their paint stations and Rob even brought in his airbrush to show off guidance on how to use it!



The inner bastions of Valern Citadel buckle, some falling under the weight of Archenemy and Orkish forces, some holding firm despite the odds. Still, the outcome seems inevitable. Overseeing the overwhelmed PDF senior staff and the disparate backline command elements of the forces arrayed before her, Inquisitor Aleris Mylenne prepares to order a final gambit to deny the opposition the ground it stands to gain. If the fortress is to fall, she decides, she will not let it pass into the hands of her enemy… and concerning reports of the highest confidentiality reach her ears, demanding the deployment of Imperial forces to higher-priority missions.

Deep below the storm-tossed waves of Tern’s Endeavor, a battle erupts at a secret facility upon the ocean floor, two hostile forces meeting at a submersible landing bay and battling over ingress to whatever lies hidden beyond. That this massive hidden complex – the long-rumored “Underside” – seems Imperial in origin might invite one to speculate about the precise nature of its secrets, though the purported arrival of a Black Legion emissary among the ravenous Archenemy warbands might prove a more pressing concern.

The Slow Death of Valern Citadel

The Imperial defense of Valern Citadel rallied, redoubling their efforts against their attackers with their backs to the metaphorical wall… but in the end, it was not enough. They were not without their victories, the inner bastions holding and fighting back with far more success than the previous utter collapse of the outworks. But with so much lost already, they were unable to claw initiative back from the grinding push of Chaos warbands, nor were they spared the ravages of the Orkish raiders who struck at both sides with indiscriminate enthusiasm.

While Valern Citadel seems now doomed to fall, the beleaguered Imperial resilience was enough for the evacuation to continue apace, all non-essential personnel and systems relocated back to Tearfall and its environs. It won time enough, too, for Inquisitor Mylenne to put together her last ambitious plan, amassing the right resources and the right logistical preparations for a gambit that might halt the invader’s momentum and make them pay dearly for a meager prize. May the Emperor grant that her ploy succeeds…

(Squad Tourbillion sallies forward to lead a desperate, hard-fought defense of the landing pads at Strongpoint 87. Credit: Bob Fancher)

Inquisitorial Supply Drops

Not all Imperial forces could rally at a single supply depot in Valern Citadel. Responding to requested Imperial dispatches on force disposition and needs, Inquisitor Aleris Mylenne ordered The Inviolate Sentence to deploy orbital rapid-response shuttles to convey critical materiel to priority locations. While many were successful, some of the later operations were clearly compromised, hostile strike forces leaping upon these shuttle drops in the critical minutes where they cooled their engines and unloaded their cargo.

(The Sixth Company of the Duskborne deploy to receive a supply drop from Inquisitor Mylenne’s agents, hoping to defend it from a sudden raid from hard-rocking Emperor’s Children. Credit: Yakaru Dezaki)

Ibrahim’s Last Stand

Deep below the waves, however, two forces converged on an even greater prize. Ibrahim Seelie, legendary Rogue Trader and Freeblade Knight, had previously set off on a mighty quest across the ocean floor in search of great hunts and mighty trophies – and while unsuccessful in that, he did locate a huge and secret Imperial facility, returning to gather his Lance and make expedition back to properly explore the strange find. Meanwhile, wearing the guise of loyalist Astartes, a detachment of the Alpha Legion followed the rumors of the Underside to their source, establishing a submerged beachhead to consolidate their forces in secret before moving to take the hidden find.

At the primary entrance to the Underside – a massive submersible docking bay – the two forces met, either by coincidence or by one catching notice of the other’s signals and scrambling to move before they were beaten there. Regardless, the ferocity of the fighting was undeniable. The Alpha Legion’s leader, Commander Kanko, was mortally wounded in the fighting, teetering on the edge of death and seemingly beyond help. And of his counterpart? Standing between the advancing Astartes spearhead and the huge doors to the facility beyond, Ibrahim turned to face his foes as befit a true knight, fighting to his last until his Valiant engine was torn apart from under him, and detonating his power cores in a final act of noble defiance.

The resulting effect was ruinous, not in the least towards the docking bay itself. With the fallen knight’s comrades in control of the entrance to the Underside, their commander’s life seemingly ebbing away, and the docking bay itself buckling as structural integrity began to fail, the Alpha Legion was forced to retreat, leaving the Freeblade Lance free to explore and secure the secret facility in their fallen leader’s name…


(Ser Ibrahim Seelie’s last stand. Credit: Luke “Zceryll”)


Narrative Spotlight

Rumors of the fall of Ibrahim Seelie have seemingly spread throughout Tern’s Endeavor, traveling at a remarkable pace in spite of the isolated nature of the incident. And among some of the cultists and beastfolk in Grand Kriosa, a certain song has caught on, purportedly composed by a notorious local warband of Emperor’s Children…

There once was a Knight that put to sea
The pilot’s name was Ibrahim S’lie
Her shields were up, her guns dipped down
Oh blow, my bully boys, blow (huh)

Soon may the Pleasure Prince come
To bring her music and drugs and rum
One day, when the fighting is done
She’ll take her leave and go

She’d not been two weeks from shore
When down on her the Loyalists bore
The captain called all hands and swore
He’d crush them to their core (huh)

Soon may the Pleasure Prince come
To bring her music and drugs and rum
One day, when the fighting is done
She’ll take her leave and go


As the Thundercoil pierced the water
The Loyalist Bikes came up and caught her
All hands to the side, harpooned and fought ther’
And she took a blow (huh)

Soon may the Pleasure Prince come
To bring her music and drugs and rum
One day, when the fighting is done
She’ll take her leave and go

No life was spared, no prisoner freed
The captain’s mind was not of greed
And he belonged to the Valiant creed
She took another blow (huh)

Soon may the Pleasure Prince come
To bring her music and drugs and rum
One day, when the fighting is done
She’ll take her leave and go


For forty days or even more
The fight went right then left once more
All ‘Glaives were lost, there were only four
But still that Knight did go (huh)

Soon may the Pleasure Prince come
To bring her music and drugs and rum
One day, when the fighting is done
She’ll take her leave and go

As far as I’ve heard, the fight’s still on
The Knight still up and the Marines not gone,
The Pleasure Prince makes It’s regular call
To encourage the captain, crew and all (huh)

Soon may the Pleasure Prince come
To bring her music and drugs and rum
One day, when the fighting is done
She’ll take her leave and go

Credit to Mike Lopez for this fantastic tribute to the fallen Knight Valiant. Ibrahim Seelie doubtlessly is off warp whaling at the Emperor’s side, now. Well, maybe. He did get tricked into aiding those perfidious Aeldari, so if you ever see a wraith construct with a harpoon…



The war has become centered on the prison, as the forces of the Arkifane, the Imperium, and the Children of the Stars have all concentrated their forces there.

The vat born soldiers of the 323rd hold the high ground on the outskirts of the Prison.

Control of the prison has slipped into the hands of the Imperial Reclemation Fleet, but the forces of Chaos seem to have something up their sleeve… Only time will tell as to why, as the Tome Keepers seem to have uncovered some dark secret beneath the prison.

This week we have another look at some of the forces taking part in the planetary struggle: the Crimson Defenders, and the 323rd Siege Regiment, a Krieg force deployed to Agrippa IV.

Force Spotlight: Greg Chicosky’s Crimson Defenders

Tasked by the beneficent Emperor as the Defense Force for Agrippa, the Crimson Defenders heed that call and promise to lay waste to all opposition or die trying. While most of the PDF are born and raised on Agrippa, they do not turn away any outside forces that offer assistance.

Credit: Greg Chicosky

Recently, a small task force of Cadian Kasrkin offered their allegiance to the Crimson Defenders, and that assistance has not gone unnoticed. Fighting alongside their brothers in arms against such foes as Chaos Space Marines, or even foul Xenos scum like the Votann, they stand stalwart, their resolve unwavering.

Credit: Greg Chicosky

While ground troops make up for a large amount of the fighting force, the armor superiority the Crimson Defenders boast is as impressive as it is effectiven. The armored support is lead by the Tank Commander Gorthus, piloting his tank ‘Yarrick’s Gaze’.

Credit: Greg Chicosky

The mighty Leman Russ is a staple of the armored support, but not the only fighting vehicle the Crimson Defenders utilize. Hellhounds equiped with Chem-cannons, Basilisks, and even a mighty Shadowsword bring their weight to crush the Emperor’s foes. The lauded Punisher ‘Heavy Rain’ has been on it’s fair share of battlefields, earning its place as a valuable asset.

The Crimson Defenders have proven to be an effective and valuable part of the defense of Agrippa. While they do hold a few major points of the planet, they also know they cannot continue this fight against the Xenos and Chaos threat alone.

Force Spotlight: Tyler Azevedo’s 323rd Siege regiment

After many deployments into the Octarius Conflict, Col. Tyborc leading the 323rd Siege Regiment has been deployed into the Vadinax Sector. The 323rd was tasked with the retaking of Agrippa IV. On first deployment the 323rd retook the space port from the vile traitor cultist of the Genestealer cult. After the engagement with the cultists a new xenos contact was made. These new contacts were called the Leagues of Voltann. After a brief engagement but bloody losses in engagement the 323rd came out victorious.

Credit: Tyler Azevedo

After the space port was firmly in the hands of the Imperial Reclamation Fleet “Sword of Hate”, new orders came down for the 323rd to take back the Prison “SAINT GHERICK’S REPENT”.

Credit: Tyler Azevedo

After three assaults into the underground of the prison, of which all three were successful although running into strange contact of loyalist Astartes chapter called the “Tome Keepers”, the Heretical Space Marines warband “Chad’s Bad Boyz” and finally running into the Genestealer Cult “Plunderers of the Four Armed Emperor”.

The vat born soldiers of the 323rd hold the high ground on the outskirts of the Prison.

After the successful assaults into the under hive of the prison. Col. Tyborc led a frontal assault on the prison. At 1200 hours the assault began, Col. Tyborc order Alpha prime to take the hill overlooking the prison designated as Hill C5145. Apon alpha 1 storming the hill they came in contact with the same Genestealer Cult “Plunders of the Four Armed Emperor”. After a bloody engagement, The 323rd claimed victory over the cult. Hill C5145 was fought over four times causing Alpha Platoon 50% Casualties in the engagement.

Next Week: The Battle for [REDACTED] Begins

That wraps up our look at the Vadinax Campaign results this week but tune in next week when Shanker Gord’s plans come to fruition and the forces of Chaos descend upon [REDACTED]. Until then, if you have any questions or feedback, drop us a note in the comments below or email us at

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