Warcry: Nightmare Quest Warband Warscrolls

As is typical right ahead of release, Games Workshop released the warscrolls for using the upcoming Warcry Nightmare Quest miniatures in games of Age of Sigmar. Are they worth your time to bring into the larger battlefields of the Mortal Realms?

Questor Soulsworn. Credit: SRM

Stormcast Eternals – Questor Soulsworn

Warcry has mostly avoided the Underworlds situation of every new box set needing a Stormcast Eternals set, but the eye of Sigmar was bound to gaze upon the game at some point. Now that we got one, the unit is not bad actually!

At a base level the Questors are basically a unit of 6 almost-heroes. 3 Wounds a piece, 3 attacks per model at 3+/3+, Rend -1 Damage 2. They’re a solid hammer that can take a hit back with their standard Stormcast 3+ save. Also, shockingly straight forward for a Warcry Warband with only one attack profile.

Other than their beat stick potential, they have 2 abilities that work well in tandem. the Relictor Soulguide gives you a once per game pocket teleport and Ordained Quest makes them count as 3 models on an objective outside of your territory. Basically this gives you the benefit of Stormhold while in Scions of Storm and the intended use here is obvious. If youre forced to go first or your opponent leaves an objective just hop onto it and its yours. Unless your opponent has a lot of mortals or a big unit you’ll probably hold onto it at least until half the unit is dead. Stormcast already has Translocation but this frees it up to do 2 teleports a turn, without needing to stay near your Lord-Relictor.

The cost is a bit high at 250 points, but their niche role is pretty solid if you want to keep your opponent on their toes.

Flesh Eater Courts
Little (blue) green ghouls, buddy! Credit: Fowler

Flesh-Eater Courts – Royal Beastflayers

While the Stormcast unit is ok. Possibly usable but definitely not exciting. These guys are a big deal.

Stormcast have so many units it’s hard to come up with new and exciting ways to write rules for them, but Flesh-Eater Courts have so few units and naturally not all of them are exactly impressive. So the stage is very open for a new Flesh Eater Courts unit that does something interesting and these don’t disappoint.

A 10 model unit and the majority are comparable to Crypt Ghouls. 2 attacks per model, 4+/4+ with no rend, Damage 1. Bleh. The last 3 models are interesting though, you get 2 dogs with 2 wounds and 3 4+/3+ Rend -1 Damage 2 attacks and the leader gets 3 wounds and 2 3+/3+ Rend -1 Damage 3 attacks. They also get a 5+ save for the unit, which does put them a step above your stock 6+ save for Ghouls. So treat the rest of the entourage as ablative wounds to protect the dogs and Flaymaster, who do the actual work here.

So decent attack profile in an army which tends to suffer on that front, what else they got? Well their move cranks up to 8″ if theyre within 18″ of injured Enemy Monsters, but the really exciting part is if they are in combat with Monsters they shut down Monstrous Rampages and reduce Damage by 1.

They’re reasonably priced at 115 points but what makes them really exciting is their keyword, they have the SERF keyword! Which means that a Ghoul King can summon these guys once per game for free! Or a Archregent can summon a reinforced unit if you wanna get interesting with it.

If you’re an FEC player there’s almost no reason not to get these guys. You have a real lack of good units and not only are these guys good, they can sit on the sidelines and you can bring them in if your opponent is rocking a Monster or have them sit it out if not. Even if they don’t have a Monster, they’re assuredly a better value summon for your Ghoul King than some Crypt Ghouls.


Short and sweet, but both Warbands are pretty exciting. The uptick in usable Warcry and Underworlds Warbands is a welcome sight, particularly for armies starved for good unit selection.