Wargoon Month 1: Ordo Xenos Progress Update

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So we’re a bit into month 1, HQ + Troops (or in my case HQ + Elite and a HQ + Troops from other detachments because “inquisition”) I figured some update pictures would be in order.

Inquisition Vanguard detachment

Left – Acolyte: Ard’ Ed (may later be an Ogryn Bodyguard in the IG detachment)
Centre – Inquisitor: Gaiden Lubrecht
Right – Acolyte: H3R471C-Zeta

Acolyte: Alaris ‘Overcharge’ Albez

And the gang with Acolyte ‘The nameless one’

I just started on the Patrol detachment from the Deathwatch side

Deathwatch Patrol detachment

Primaris Watch Captain: Cassius Cassus.

His first troop unit some Primaris veterans (counts as little marine veterans) are primed and awaiting paint.


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