Warhammer 40k FAQs Hot Take: August 10, 2022

While the US FAQs webpage is still down and throwing out 404 errors, the UK version of the page is still working and if you’ve refreshed it today you’ve likely seen that an FAQ update dropped. It’s a relatively small update in terms of raw content – only a single update to the War Zone: Nephilim mission pack – and the impacts aren’t incredibly big, but they are worth talking about.

You can find the FAQ here.

  • Page number correction – The original Nephilim book has the incorrect page numbers for the pages to find secondary objectives on. This was a clear mistake, and has been fixed. Necessary, but no one was really having issues with this.
  • Inflexible Command now has carve-outs for units not on the battlefield. One of the more contested elements of the new secondaries was the Guard Inflexible Command secondary, and whether you could score it at all if you had units that weren’t on the battlefield, e.g. because they were in Strategic Reserves. This update adds ‘that is on the battlefiefld’ to the first two bullet points of the objective, making it clear that only the units in your army that are on the battlefield need be within 6″ of a friendly officer or 12″ of a friendly vehicle officer unit, allowing you to once again put units into reserves without losing out on scoring here.
  • Storm of Darkness gets errata to mirror the Codex: Chaos Knights version. GW fixed this secondary in Codex: Chaos Knights to only allow you to perform the action at the end of your own Morale phase months ago, but that didn’t actually apply to the secondary in Nephilim, i.e. the rules that matter. Most people were already playing the corrected version, but now the official secondary objective has been updated to match.
  • Models with 2+ Warlord Traits get all of them if you use the Warlord Trait Stratagem for 1 CP. This was another thing people basically were already doing but was kind of an open question. If you take Magnus or Mortarion or Abaddon – characters that have multiple warlord traits as your warlord – they get all of those for a single CP.

What’s Not Here

In addition to those changes that were made, what’s not here is any kind of ruling or change to the rules for how you get faction secondaries. Specifically, the Nephilim rules do not require your Warlord to be in a specific faction in order to access that faction’s secondary objectives, which means that a Chaos Knights army running Abaddon as its warlord can still, per the Nephilim rules (not the rules in Codex: Chaos Knights, which are ignored in Nephilim matched play), take Chaos Knights secondaries in games.

Additionally there aren’t any balance changes here, so if you thought a secondary was particularly broken or needed correction for balance reasons, that hasn’t happened here either – and will likely be something we wait for the next balance dataslate to fix.


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