Warlord Wednesdays: Loyalist Legio Updates

Over the past few years, we’ve worked our way through each of the different legions in Adeptus Titanicus in our Legion Focus series. With the release of the new Loyalist Legios book, though, we’ve got a lot of ground to re-cover. Changes to Legion rules, new wargear, and stratagem updates all have huge impacts on the way various lists will play, and we’re in the process of taking that new information and revisiting the different Legion Focus articles to help

You’ll notice a few changes to the various articles. First, there are a good number of legions that have had rules changes that shake up the way they play. Some of these, like the changes to Legio Fortidus, are relatively minor, while others, like the updated wargear and legio trait for Legio Atarus, are a sorely-needed power boost. Regardless of the changes, we’ll explain how they impact the game and what changes you’ll need to make to your plan to work around them.

The new wargear is also a huge boon when building your list and opens up a lot of strategies that wouldn’t have functioned before. We’ll be adding this universal and loyalist-specific wargear to the various recommended starter lists to show how you can make use of them in your own lists. On a related note, we’ll also be increasing the cost of our recommended lists to 1750 points so that we’ve got room to show some of this stuff off.

Additionally, a good number of the stratagems have been rebalanced, which has opened up ground for a good number of legions in places where previously they’d be worried about something like Quake Shells or Vox Blackout ruining their plans. We’ll be updating our tactical overview on how to play as and against the various legions to reflect these big changes.

Finally, now that the game has been out for going on 3 years, things have settled out a bit and we’re a bit better-positioned to talk about some of the more unusual strategies you might run into. We’ll be updating various articles consistent with our greater experience with the game.

If we haven’t gotten to your Legion yet, don’t worry: as of this writing, our first couple of revised Legion Focus articles are already live, with more being updated regularly. We’ll be focusing on Loyalist Legios for now due to the new book, but there are a handful of Traitor Legios that will be updated soon as well. In coming weeks, we’ll have more AT content for you, including battle reports, strategy articles, and more.