Warlord Wednesdays on the Maximal Fire Podcast

Maximal Fire is a newer addition to the scene of Titanicus content creation, headed up by Alex and Ben covering Adepticus Titanicus. The podcast can be found from your preferred purveyor of podcasts (iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts or similar services). On this episode, Bair from the Warlord Wednesdays crew took up the offer to speak about the updated rules for Legio Gryphonicus in the Loyalist Legios book. Little did they know how strong the opinions would be, and how much crap would be spoken. 



Bair: It was a great experience, we talked for quite awhile, just talking about the game in general, our own hobby backgrounds, etc. Alex and Ben were great hosts and I had gotten the chance to have a small 1750 point game with Alex the day before recording, fielding a Gryphonius Ferrox and support Warlord backed up by a banner of Atrapos against his Crucius Extergimus. Go and listen to me ramble about Gryphonicus and other stuff with these guys for a solid 1 and a half hours, if that’s your jam.