Welcome to “Go On, Hammer!”

Pardon our dust, but you know what they say about April 1st: A great time to start planning DIY projects, working around the house, and otherwise taking Spring Cleaning to full tilt! What? Pranks? I don’t know what you’re talking about. Here, put on this hard hat, you’re going to need it. Today you’ll find a fun mixture of new articles covering some of our usual fare, as well as some pieces made specifically for today, with tips about how to paint your house (inside or out), building various types of game tables, cobbling out a hobby space in your home no matter how big or small, and some truly algebraic takes on math in keeping with the season and theme. 

April Fool’s is a somewhat time-honored and time-weary tradition on the internet, and while jokes and fake stories can be entertaining, we here at Go On, Hammer! Are committed to giving you actual information you can use, or at least enjoy reading about. Think of this also as a way to get invested in your Spring Cleaning if you’re waiting on a few DIY tasks to take your fancy, or perhaps you need to revisit and revamp your hobby space; hopefully some of what we provide here today will be of use to you in the future and serve as a spark of inspiration! 

Whether you find these articles helpful or at the very least a fun play on our name and a bit for the holiday, hopefully you’ll enjoy what we’ve prepared for you! And if you’d like to see more DIY and hobby space articles like this, let us know in the comments or on social media! Until then, this is your forewoman Marcille clocking out for the day; I’ve done enough manual labor getting all of this ready, I need a break!