Welcome to GOONHAMMER ’96

Welcome, dear reader!

We’re always conflicted about April Fool’s Day (April 1) – on the one hand, it’s always fun to mix things up and do something different. On the other hand, we already have the ability to write humor articles whenever we want and most April Fool’s Day jokes on the web are either painfully unfunny, dangerously misinformative, or both. Sure, some of them are good, but there’s so many dumb, forced things that it causes us to think “enh maybe just skip it.” So this year we’ve decided to compromise a bit. We had originally planned to do a single day of retro articles but got so much enthusiasm from our contributors that we’ve decided to go ahead and theme the whole week.

So without further ado, I present to you GOONHAMMER ’96, where we look back at the games we love 25 years ago. Yes, this makes some of us feel devastatingly old. No, it’s not particularly funny on its own. But it was a cool opportunity to cover some things and talk about stuff we might not normally cover, and look back at some cool stuff from when (some of us) were kids. Note that not all of our content will follow the throwback motif – regular columns like Competitive Innovations in 9th will continue to cover their regular topics and not focus on trying to tell you about some event in 2nd edition. We’ve got a lot of great stuff planned this week that we really think you’ll enjoy.

So kick back and enjoy the week. Or don’t, whatever.