How to Paint Everything: Frosthaven Deathwalker and Drifter

Welcome back to our continued Frosthaven coverage! In Part 1 of this HTPE series we painted the Boneshaper and Banner Spear, and we also shared an article on using new Army Painter Speed Paints to tackle a pile of minis. For Part Two in How to Paint Frosthaven Minis, here we have the Deathwalker and the Drifter characters.

Both models were primed with Wraithbone spray paint the day before in preparation. Citadel Paints were used on both of these models, listed in the instructions below.

Frosthaven Deathwalker:

  1. With a small brush, paint the skin with 1 layer of Kislev Flesh.  How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 1
  2. Use Aggaros Dunes on a medium brush to paint the boots and top clothing as pictured.How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 2
  3. Paint the staff’s orb and the pants Teclis Blue using the small brush. Then, using the same brush, paint the staff and the jug under the arm with Stormvermin Fur.
  4. Take the small brush with Retributor Armor to the shoulder pauldrons, and also paint the plug of the jug.
  5. With a medium brush, wash all clothing and skin with Reikland Fleshshade.
  6. When dry, use the small brush to add Druchii Violet to the tunic underneath the leather. Then paint the hair, darken the pants, and color the boots. Keep this small brush for steps 7-15.
  7. Now go back to the staff orb again. In decreasing layers, starting with the bottom of the orb, add  Lothern Blue, Dawnstone, Administratum Grey, and then Pallid Wych Flesh on the very top of the orb as shown in the next two photos.    How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 3How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 5
  8. Once the orb is dry, carefully glaze the entire orb in Guilliman Blue to help blend all those layers.
  9. After the orb is dry again, use Dawnstone to touch up the branches that are encircling the orb.
  10. Paint the bandana with Teclis Blue.
  11.  Go over the earrings and circlet on her head with Retributor Armour. Then go back to the bandanna to add dots of Retributor.  How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 4
  12.  UseTeclis Blue and Wazdaka Red to paint the baubles in the pouch on her back and the potion bottle next to it.
  13. Using Pallid Wych Flesh, pick out a spot on each bauble to create a pinpoint of light reflection as shown in the photo.  How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 6
  14. Wash Bloodletter over the red objects and Guilliman Blue over the blue object(s) you just painted.
  15.  Paint the dagger and bauble on her belt front with Iron Hands Steel.
  16. Use the medium brush to paint the base with Elysian Green.
  17.  Paint the rocks and stump Administratum Grey with the small brush.
  18. Wash the entire base with Agrax Earthshade on the medium brush, and when that’s dry add a second layer of Agrax to the stump only.
  19.  Finally, use a scraper tool to add Valhallan Blizzard to the base for snow.   How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Deathwalker 7


Next up, we have the Drifter. We had some lighting issues with the pictures in this one so the only photo is of the finished model in daylight. This one is pretty straightforward in comparison to some of the layered colors on the Deathwalker.

Frosthaven Drifter:

How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Drifter Paints

This model was painted entirely with a small brush unless otherwise indicated.


  1. Begin by painting the base, belt & boots with Guilliman Flesh.
  2. Next, paint all exposed skin with Eshin Grey.
  3. Move onto the pants with Mournfang Brown.
  4. Then the cloth around the neck and shoulders is done with Wazdakka Red.
  5. Entire figure (except the base) gets washed with Nuln Oil, using a medium brush (the only time this brush is used).
  6. Once it’s fully dry, the cape and club each get an additional coat of Nuln Oil.
    1. After that, dry brush the red cloth using Astorath Red.

    Note: Dry brushing is accomplished by using a larger, stiff-bristled brush. After adding paint to the brush, dab it on your palette or even a paper towel to get rid of most of the moisture, leaving a small amount of color on the brush. Then swipe the brush against the grain of your model’s lines so that it only highlights the top layers of the mold.

  7. Go over the Bow & quiver on his back with Skeleton Horde.
  8. Shoulder armor & bracers are next, painted with Iron Hands Steel, then washed with Lamenters Yellow.
  9.  While you are using the Lamenters Yellow, also paint the fletchings on the arrows.
  10. Carefully paint the eyes Khorne Red.
  11. Now we move on to the base. Cover the grass of the base with Elysian green, then paint the skull with Pallid Wych Flesh.
  12. Wash the skull with Skeleton Horde, then add some Valhallan Blizzard texture paint with a scraper tool for the snowy effect.
  13.  Lastly, using a brown Micron pen, you can add checks to the belt.

How to Paint: Frosthaven Mini Drifter


And there you have it! Two more starting characters to add to your adventuring group. Now get cracking before winter comes to Frosthaven!