Lowest of Men

From Every Angle: Lowest of Men’s Genestealer Cults at the Nottingham GT

Hello there! Tom the Lowest of Men here, making my Goonhammer debut with my first ever written event report for Warhammer 40,000! A massive thanks to the Goonhammer team for taking me on board, showing me the ropes, and...

About Me

Tom 'the Lowest of Men' is a 40k competitor and AoS noobie. He plays and records content for 6++, a gaming team and youtube channel from Cambridge, UK.
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Latest News

Horus Heresy Exemplary Battles: the Death of Canopus

This is the final Exemplary Battle that the WarCom team will be releasing for the Horus Heresy - at least for Astartes. Check out the Iron Hands and Blood Angels during the Death of Canopus.
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