Lowest of Men

Detachment Focus: Dread Talons

We take a deep look at the Dread Talons Detachment - the rules behind it, and how to make it work in games.

10th Edition Competitive Faction Focus: Leagues of Votann (Updated December 15, 2023)

With the release of 10th edition now firmly behind us and more than a month of competitive games in the books it’s time to start taking a deeper look at each of the game’s factions. In this series we’ll...

Of Wrath and Rage: Lowest of Men’s Flesh Tearers at the Vigilant and Faithful RTT

Welcome reader! Tom, the Lowest of Men here. I'm back with another event report, this time covering a rare foray into Incursion sized 1,000 point games of Warhammer 40,000. I'll be reflecting on the Incursion scale, as well as...

From Every Angle: Lowest of Men’s Genestealer Cults at the Nottingham GT

Hello there! Tom the Lowest of Men here, making my Goonhammer debut with my first ever written event report for Warhammer 40,000! A massive thanks to the Goonhammer team for taking me on board, showing me the ropes, and...

About Me

Tom 'the Lowest of Men' is a 40k competitor and AoS noobie. He plays and records content for 6++, a gaming team and youtube channel from Cambridge, UK.
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JAKTP 67: Hunter Clade with ITC #2 Liam from Australia

Jason and Travis chat with Liam from Australia, currently ranked #2 in global ITC about Hunter Clade. https://www.buzzsprout.com/2116273.js?container_id=buzzsprout-large-player&player=large JAKTP Discord Link:...
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