Battletech: Mech Overview: Shadow Hawk

Battletech is back with an overview of the Shadow Hawk, the third mech in the classic 55 ton trio.

Battletech: Mech Overview: Wolverine

We're back with another 'Mech overview, this time the Wolverine - a boring, middle of the pack mech.

Battletech: Mercenary Kickstarter Force Pack Overview

With the Battletech: Mercenaries pledge manager opening up, Perigrin has run through all of the force pack options to get an idea of which packs you might want to choose.

Battletech: Special Autocannon Ammunition

Playing Battletech and confused which special ammunition your autocannons should pack? Perigrin looks at all the different options.

Battletech: New Mech Variants from Record Sheets: Technical Readout 3150

Perigrin goes over the new Mech variants from Record Sheets: TRO 3150, and goes vaguely mad in the process.

Battletech: New mech variants (Record Sheets: Jihad and Record Sheets: Dark Age)

Catalyst released several packs of Battletech record sheets last week, including quite a few new variants. Perigrin is taking a look at the first two packs to see how the mechs stack up.

Battletech: Goonformat Updated!

After a few months of playtesting we've updated the Battletech Goonformat to improve the missions and force construction.

Why you should be playing Turnip 28

Turnip 28 is with no reservations one of the most fun wargames I have ever played. We have already interviewed the creator here on the site before, so it is high time we actually talk about and recommend the...

Battletech: Mech Overview: Blackjack

This week we are taking a look at the Blackjack, the dependable little medium class dork you start out with in HBS's Battletech video game.

Battletech: Infantry Overview

Last week we looked at running tanks in Battletech, and this week we're looking at their traditional partners - infantry.

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The Goonhammer Review: The Tyranids Index

The release of 10th Edition brings about a complete rewrite of every faction, and in this article we’ll cover...
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