BattleTech: Mech Overview: Horned Owl/Peregrine

Howdy, Star Colonels, and welcome to Mech Overview. This week we are taking a look at the Horned Owl, also known as the Peregrine (bird connotation), not to be confused with the Perigrin (author connotation). It is also frequently...

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Conjurer/Hellhound

This week's Battletech 'Mech Overview continues to look at the clan striker star, this week reviewing the Conjurer, AKA the Hellhound, definitely not AKA the Wolverine IIC.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Piranha

What happens when Infantry Guy gets to design an entire mech? Machina guns. So many machineguns. This week our Battletech Mech Overview is the Piranha.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Incubus/Vixen

This Mech Overview covers Master Chief. Err, wait, wrong franchise. The Incubus!

Old World Faction Focus: Beastmen Brayherds

The Beastmen have traditionally had a bit of a rough hand in Warhammer Fantasy Battles. From a strong, powerful army in sixth edition down to the dejected, abandoned children of GW in seventh and eighth, they spent the better...

BattleTech: BV and The Code

Howdy and welcome back to BattleTech. Here at Goonhammer, we are huge fans of the Battle Value system for balancing games, as it usually does an alright job of balancing two dissimilar forces against each other. This isn't to...

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Banshee

Howdy and welcome back to Mech Overview. My story with the Banshee begins at a young age, where I rolled a 3E on an RAT and my opponent got a Devastator. He beat my entire ass. From then on...

Perigrin’s Return to The Old World – Tournament Report

The Old World is still a pretty new game, without a ton of data to draw from or practical experience out there. There is a lot of speculation about what is the most powerful, what works, and what doesn't....

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Centurion

In this "mech overview we look at three mechs in a trenchcoat - and they all have a mohawk. Welcome to the Centurion.

BattleTech: Mech Overview: Grasshopper

This week's Mech Overview looks at the classic Grasshopper, an old design that still holds up incredibly well.

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How to Paint Everything: Baron Zemo

Possibly one of the best characters to come out of the original Marvel: Crisis Protocol core set, Baron Zemo...
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