Edwin "Lupe" Moriarty

The Flower Wars: Designing a Game

Welcome to the first design update for the Goonhammer Historicals project where we develop a skirmish miniatures game set during the Flower Wars, the pre-Columbian semi-ritualised warfare between the Aztec peoples. Designing a new wargame is always a formidable task,...

Horus Heresy Tactica: Volkite

In this week's Horus Heresy Tactica, we take a look at Volkite and whether it's actually as bad as Lupe thinks.

Horus Heresy: Building Rites of War (Generic)

Welcome back to our ongoing series for aspiring Praetors. In the first of a new miniseries we're building on the list building concepts outlined in our Horus Heresy Tactica articles and getting to the details. Today we'll be looking...

Horus Heresy Tactica: List Building Part 3

In this week’s final instalment of our list building mini series we look at skew lists: what they are, how they work, why they're a problem and how to deal with them.

Horus Heresy Tactica: List Building Part 2

This week in Horus Heresy Tactica we're taking a look at evaluating unit roles and how they influence list choices.

Horus Heresy Tactica: List Building Part 1

This week in Horus Heresy Tactica we look at considerations you should take while playing smaller games.

Horus Heresy Tactica: Transports

This week in Horus Heresy Tactica we dive into how best to use your transports.

The Horus Heresy Legion Focus: Death Guard

A favorite of Traitor warlords, the Death Guard are tough, relentless, and brutal. Dive into all their options.

The Goonhammer Review: Wargames Atlantic Conquistadors

To say that the Conquistadors have a complicated legacy is perhaps an understatement. There's absolutely no doubt that their actions led to colonial genocide and subjugation, but that doesn't mean that there can't be interesting and exciting projects to...

Horus Heresy Tactica: Legion Dreadnoughts

Welcome to Horus Heresy Tactica, our series that provides a deep dive in a specific mechanic, interaction or aspect of play in Warhammer: the Horus Heresy. So the first FAQs of the new edition have come and gone and it's...

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Necromunday: Ash Waste Nomads Herder with Arthromite Duneskuttler

Games Workshop was kind enough to provide us with these models for review. Hitting the wastes this week - and...
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