Collecting Fallout Factions: Super Mutants

Humans exposed to the Forced Evolutionary Virus, Super Mutants are hugely strong, tough, immune to radiation and with varying levels of intelligence depending on the strain of the virus used. For the most part though, Super Mutants are just people – big green scary people, but people. They’re one of the most iconic parts of the Fallout setting, but how do they fit into Fallout Factions?

At the moment the faction has a “Get You By” list, which will be finalised and expanded upon publication of the full core book later in the year. This list is a cut down version of the final one, limited (more or less) to represented the resin models available for purchase right now. We have to a throw a few caveats in here though.

First of all, Modiphius have been clear to us that they’ve not kept strictly to the existing naming conventions – they’ve gone back to the setting material itself, and not felt bound to how things were named in Wasteland Warfare.

They’ve also made clear that the different unit types aren’t strict divisions, but just representations of archetypes. As such, we’ll see that some of the models labelled one way for Wasteland Warfare get a very different representation in the Fallout Factions rules.

We’re going to be relying on proxying equipment a lot more this time round than we did with the Brotherhood of Steel, so consider the boxes rated on that basis.

What’s Available?

In this section we’ll present each box available for the faction in the Wasteland Warfare range, describe what you can run the models as in Factions, and determine whether we think it’s an essential purchase, a useful purchase, or a low-priority purchase. If a box isn’t listed here, it’s because as far as we can tell there isn’t any obvious way to use it with these rules (there’s quite a few of these).

Super Mutants Core Box

Credit: Corrode

Essential purchase. If you want to get this faction to table you probably want to pick up the core box. It’s not quite such a slam dunk as the Brotherhood of Steel box in terms of WYSWYG representation, but it’s not bad and there’s not a better way of getting in here. The box gives you:

  • Master with Heavy Pipe Pistol and Sledgehammer (Leader Champion) (Proxy, the model just has a Sledgehammer)
  • Brute with Sledgehammer (Champion)
  • Skirmisher with Automatic Pipe Rifle (Grunt)
  • Enforcer with Hand Weapon and Molotov Cocktails (Grunt)
  • Enforcer with Pipe Pistol and Hand Weapon (Grunt)
  • 2 Super Mutant Hounds (Grunts)

That totals up to 173 Rep, which is a really good step towards a list. You still need a few more models though, so you need to look to the other sets.


Useful Purchase. Despite the name, the Skirmishers box doesn’t let you build skirmishers by Fallout Factions rules. Instead they’re armed with hand weapons all round. If you’re combining them with the core box, then you can say that they’re armed like so:

  • 2 Enforcers with Hand Weapon and Molotov Cocktails (Grunts) (Proxy, they don’t have Molotov Cocktails)
  • Enforcer with Pipe Pistol and Hand Weapon (Grunt) (Proxy, they don’t have Pipe Pistols)

That’s a total of 67 Rep, and a lot of FIRE, which is hard to dislike.

Tabitha and Raul

Low-priority purchase. The Tabitha and Raul box has one big obvious problem for Factions: One of the models isn’t a Super Mutant, so you can’t run him in this list. However, Raul could maybe find a home in a Wastelanders list, so perhaps split it with someone playing them. Tabitha however is a great alternative master:

  • Master with Assault Rifle and Sledgehammer (Leader Champion)

So, do you want a Master with an Assault Rifle? If so, buy this. If not, don’t. That simple.


Low-priority purchase. The Hammer box doesn’t have a clear parallel in terms of WYSIWYG loadouts, so you’re proxying.

  • Enforcer with Pipe Pistol and Hand Weapon (Grunt) (Proxy, Hammer has two big pistols so presumably one of them is empty and he’s hitting them with it)
  • Super Mutant Hound

That’s a fun little 27 rep. If you wanted more bang for your buck you could make this a Paladin with Minigun, which is a bit of a stretch but does let you run him as a champion. Regardless, there are probably better boxes to grab.

Two Player Starter Set

Low-priority purchase. You can get this in resin or plastic with all the rules and such for Wasteland Warfare, but it’s a but of an investment just to get the Super Mutants out of it. Still, if you decide to pick it up (probably because you want the Wastelanders too) then you’ll end up with:

  • Brute with Sledgehammer (Champion)
  • Enforcer with Pipe Pistol and Hand Weapon (Grunt) (Proxy, just like Hammer you can assume there’s pistol whipping going on here)
  • Skirmisher with Automatic Pipe Rifle (Grunt)
  • 2 Super Mutant Hounds (Grunts)

That’s a decent 112 Rep, which would make this a good addition, except you probably don’t want it as well as the core box, and also it’s an expensive purchase given you have to get it bundled with a bunch of things you might not want.


Low-priority purchase. The Nightkin box might not be an obvious addition, but it’s not a terrible one. If you want it to all blend together you can absolutely just paint these models green, so don’t worry about them not feeling cohesive. It comes with two models and they’re great additions:

  • Brute with Sledgehammer (Champion)
  • Brute with Minigun (Champion) (Technically it’s a proxy as that looks like an automatic grenade launcher, but it’s still a Big Gun)

A pair that totals 85 Rep, this a great addition, in theory, for throwing another Big Guy into your list or swapping out the one from the core box for a minigun. However, at tier 1 you can only have 2 champions in your list, so you can’t actually use these in addition. If you make it to tier 2, it climbs up to useful, but until then it’s for throwing a minigun into the mix.

Putting It Together

So what should you actually buy? If you want a standard 250 Rep list, then there’s really only a couple of viable options.

Solo Buy

This gives you the following list:

  • Master with Heavy Pipe Pistol and Sledgehammer (Leader Champion)
  • Brute with Sledgehammer (Champion)
  • Skirmisher with Automatic Pipe Rifle (Grunt)
  • 3 Enforcers with Hand Weapons and Molotov Cocktails (Grunts)
  • 2 Enforcers with Pipe Pistols and Hand Weapons (Grunts)
  • 2 Super Mutant Hounds (Grunts)

That’s 240 Rep, which leaves you with 10 caps so you can grab some chems. It’s also a pretty solid list with a lot of bodies given how tough they are. This is the one to grab if you’re buying in by yourself.

Split Buy

If you have a friend to split things with who wants to play Wastelanders, the calculus can shift a bit. Instead consider picking up:

That lets you run this list:

  • Master with Assault Rifle and Sledgehammer (Leader Champion)
  • Brute with Sledgehammer (Champion)
  • 3 Enforcers with Pipe Pistols and Hand Weapons (Grunts)
  • 2 Enforcers with Hand Weapon and Molotov Cocktails (Grunts)
  • Skirmisher with Automatic Pipe Rifle (Grunt)
  • 2 Super Mutant Hounds (Grunts)

That’s 244 Rep, and you’ll have a spare hound to add when you’ve got a couple of games under your belt in a campaign. This is a bunch more expensive than the other option, but splitting it with a friend helps. It doesn’t honestly give you a very different list though, so very much a “only if you want to do this as a joint enterprise” option.

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